Biblical Names of Christ Heirloom Ornaments

I know this isn't a book, but it does have something to do with the Bible. I was super excited to get to review this ornament set that you can buy at Deseret Book! This is a set of 12 high quality ornaments that each have a name of Christ that is mentioned in the Bible. I really like the idea of including the Savior in our Christmas celebration and having his names on the tree is a great way to do that. I like that there are 12 and that on the back of the box the set comes in there is a scripture reference for each of the names. We try to have a 12 days of Christmas every year that includes scriptures for each night, and I think that this set will be a great way to do that. I can't wait to do this with our 2 daughters and hopefully see them gazing at our Christmas tree and remembering the Savior and the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place as they do.

Purchase your set of these ornaments at Deseret Book: online and in stores.  

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