An Unlikely Match

Nickolas Pritchard has never had a family to speak of. He's been on his own ever since being orphaned when he was a small child. But now he's been left an estate and money by a distant relative living in Wales. After signing all of the papers to collect his inheritance, the lawyer tells him that his distant relative wanted him to pass along a message. The message: the estate, Ty Mynydd is haunted. Nickolas doesn't believe that's really possible, but all of the neighbors and the vicar all believe that it's true. The ghost's name is Gwen and she died tragically right before a battle for independence from the English. Gwen is tired of being a ghost. She'd like to just settle down and enjoy her bedroom that is finally just how she likes it after 400 years of hard work getting others to clean it for her. But now the new master of her house, Nickolas, is planning a house party and putting the girl that he wants to court into her perfect bedroom. You can't blame Gwen for getting a little territorial, it is her room after all. Gwen wants to hate Nickolas, he's an Englishman and he put someone else in her room, but Gwen can't hate him. He seems to be able to charm her out of her bad moods effortlessly, and he treats her as he does any lady. But will the ghostly Gwen and Nickolas ever find a way that they could be together, or is Gwen doomed to watch him live his life with someone else?

This book was really a surprise to me. I never would have expected the heroine to be a ghost! I really loved it though. It's regency romance at it's very best. The characters are likable, the plot has plenty of twists and turns, I never would have guessed it would end the way it did. This is one of my favorite Sarah Eden books, although I think they are probably all one of my very favorite Sarah Eden books. She's one of my favorites, because I know that any book that she's written I will pick up and enjoy!

I borrowed this book from my local library.

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