Adrenaline Rush

Christy is now a full-fledged spy on her way to her first real case. This isn't just any case, Christy must make herself into an adrenaline junkie named Misha, infiltrate a group of Adrenaline junkies and get herself kidnapped so that the FBI can figure out just who has been kidnapping adrenaline junkies. First things first, she must convince the agents acting as her parents that she is a real spy, no matter how young she may be. It doesn't take Christy very long to infiltrate the group of kids that the FBI wants her to, it's really very easy once she attracts the attention of the attractive Dakota. What becomes harder is when she realizes that at the school she's been sent to in Oregon actually has two such groups, Madness, the one she's supposed to infiltrate and the Avengers. Christy must make the right choice about which group to join, or she won't be getting kidnapped. She also must make sure not to let her budding feelings get in the way of listening to what her sixth sense is telling her. But what she doesn't realize is that getting kidnapped is actually going to be the easy part!

I love these books about Christy. I love the way that Christy is portrayed as such a strong female character. She always knows what she wants and she works hard until she gets it. I love how well developed of a character she is. The plot of this book is kind of crazy, because Christy is constantly having to get out of her comfort zone and do what Misha would do and not what Christy would do. That gets her into some sticky situations, because Christy isn't a daredevil, but she is willing to do what she has to do. I liked the other characters in this one too, there is a whole cast of crazy daredevil characters in this one. And the villain in this! Not at all what I was expecting, he is super crazy. I do have to say I liked the ending, although that's all I'm going to say so as not to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it yet. I really think that in order to understand this book, you need to read the Watched trilogy first, there are lots of things, especially about Christy that will make sense only after reading those. I can't wait for another Christy story, so please hurry Cindy!

Here's a link to buy your own copy on Amazon. I've also seen it in my local Costco.

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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