A Timeless Romance Anthology: European Collection

Book Summary: In War of Hearts, Annette Lyon’s exciting novella, Anna, a journalist, is desperate to escape the magazine where Pete, her now-former boyfriend, also works. Heartbroken and still in love with him, Anna snags an assignment to cover the Winter War in Finland. She arrives at a snowy Finnish battlefront only to discover that Pete is already there—as her photographer. She’s determined to be professional about the situation until a battle breaks out in camp, putting her and Pete in harm’s way and putting their love to the test.

In G.G. Vandagriff’s enchanting novella, The Earl of Oaksey Takes a Wife, Melissa Burroughs is the new Countess of Oaksey. Her whirlwind romance and subsequent elopement was worth every divine moment, even if her parents did disapprove. When Melissa learns about her new husband’s apparently empty pockets, she wonders if the intimacy they’ve shared is only the ruse of a fortune-hunter. Melissa is devastated and determines to live a separate life from her new husband. But the Earl has other plans, which do not include staying away from his wife.

In Michele Paige Holmes’ charming story, Gift of Love, Ethan Mooreleigh knows he’ll never love another woman after the loss of his beloved wife. Yet he needs a male heir to inherit his vast fortune. Ethan’s best friend, Stuart, has an idea and retrieves his sister, Amelia, who has been living in a convent since the tragic death of her parents. Amelia only agrees to enter into the contract marriage because there’s a child involved, Ethan’s neglected three-year-old daughter. When Amelia meets Ethan for the first time at the altar, she realizes that the last thing she wants her marriage to be is loveless. But winning a man whose heart is still broken may be impossible.

A Lesson in Love, a delightful novella by Sarah M. Eden, captures the uncertainties of newlywed life. Lucy Stanthorpe arrives for the London Season, planning to attend every ball and musicale with her new husband, Reed, only to discover he has no intention of taking part in the social whirl. Spurred on by their family and friends, Lucy and Reed each formulate increasingly outlandish plans to teach the other a lesson in appreciation. Their battle of wills threatens to pull the young couple apart unless they can both soften their stubborn hearts.

In An Ocean Away, Heather B. Moore’s captivating story, Gina Graydon knows the last thing she’ll attract on her holiday in France is an eligible bachelor. Tall, outspoken, and with a weakness for laughing at the wrong moment, not to mention being much too occupied with reading gothic romances, Gina decides she’d rather live in her fictional world. Besides, the only man who pays attention to her at the resort hotel happens to be her father’s worst enemy. And that is far from romantic. Reading in a secluded garden, and dreaming about the perfect kiss, all keep Gina much too busy to consider Mr. Edmund Donaldson any sort of hero.

Nancy Campbell Allen’s entrancing novella, What Happens in Venice, follows Evangeline Stuart as she determines to enjoy her vacation in Venice—her first and likely her last since she lives under the strict confines of her step-father’s control. When she meets the mysterious and romantic Conte Bellini, who happens to be Italy’s most eligible bachelor, she decides he is all part of the dream of visiting Venice. It’s impossible for her to believe that his interest in her is anything more than kindness to a foreign visitor. But when he discovers the true betrayal of her step-father, Evangeline learns the Conte may be the one person with the power to restore her happiness.

My Review: Oh my goodness! I love reading these Timeless Romance Anthologies. Each of these is written by the most popular and honestly my favorite LDS romance authors. These ones are all set somewhere in Europe, not necessarily all in the same time periods, I really loved the diversity of time periods. Each of these books are unique and well written. It's not really possible to pick a favorite, so I'll have to tell you a little bit about why I liked each of them. 

First up War of Hearts by Annette Lyon: I really liked Pete and Anna in this book. I liked that the whole issue with their love was really not important. They both loved each other and wanted what was best for each other. I really loved the tender final scene in this story.

The Earl of Oaksey Takes a Wife by G. G. Vandagriff: I was so glad to find out just what happened to Lady Melissa from Lord Trowbridge's Angel. The story was sweet, and filled with misunderstandings between Lady Melissa and her new husband. I really liked the feel of this one, it was almost like I was in London.

Gift of Love by Michele Paige Holmes: If I had to pick a favorite this one just might win. Amelia is a young lady who has lived in a convent most of her teenage years. She's just about to become a full fledged nun when she is ripped from the convent by her brother Stuart, and married to his friend and neighbor, Ethan. Ethan has had 3 young wives die in the last 5 years, his neighbors all think he's cursed. But he needs a mother for his young daughter, and Amelia will be a fine one. The ending of this story was really amazing, it was such a surprise. I never would have seen it coming!

Next up, A Lesson in Love by Sarah M Eden: This one is really fun too! Lucy Stanthorpe is a young newlywed, she and her husband are headed to London for the season and Lucy is thrilled to be able to experience this one with her husband, but he wants nothing to do with it, he would far rather stay home and enjoy quiet time. I love the way that she goes about fixing the problem, she heads home to her family, where her mother and sisters convince her that they must make her husband court her all over again. Unfortunately, her father and brothers are also giving advice to her husband, which is to ignore the whole thing and especially Lucy. I love the compassion that he shows when he realizes just how hurt Lucy is by the whole thing. The ending of this story is so sweet! 

An Ocean Away by Heather B. Moore: Gina is on holiday in France with her parents, her favorite pastime is to sneak out to the garden and read her romance novel that they would never approve of. One morning she meets the man staying in the room next to hers, Mr. Edmund Donaldson, who is one of her father's worst enemies. But Mr. Donaldson is handsome and charming and soon Gina's dreaming that it will be she that is kissed by the handsome prince, but knows that her parents would never allow it. This is a fun one too! I love the way that Gina sneaks out by climbing out and over her balcony. I thought the Shakespeare balcony scene nod was really a fun touch too!

Lastly, What Happens in Venice by Nancy Campbell Allen: Evangeline Stuart is in Venice only because her step-father can't deal with the disapproval of neighbors for taking his twin daughters and leaving her alone. But she's thrilled to be there and avoids her step-father and step-sisters as much as she can. One evening she meets a handsome stranger, who she later finds out is the most eligible bachelor in all of Italy. But she never dreams that she would need his help desperately. I really liked Evangeline in this one, she's plucky and saves herself from an awful fate before the hero of the book is able to. 

These are such fun books! Can't wait for the next anthology!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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