A Step of Faith

Alan Christoffersen is still on his walk that he started when his wife McHale died. He's in St. Louis now, but for the second time he's going to be forced to stop and take some time to recuperate before continuing on. It seems he has a brain tumor that has caused his dizziness and blackouts. His father is thrilled that he will be coming to spend some time in California with him. It's very apparent that his dad doesn't even want to consider that Alan will be leaving yet again on his journey. But Alan knows that he must finish his walk, he's more than halfway and it's almost been a year since McHale died. His dad doesn't seem to understand and when Alan leaves him in California, they are both mad. There will be heartaches ahead for him, his friends Falene and Nicole and even his dad. But with a little new-found faith Alan knows that he will be able to deal with all of the set backs and come through his walk a better and stronger man.

When I started reading this book I was a little bit confused. It's been about a year since the third book in this series came out and I read it, and of course it's ending was a cliffhanger. I know this book starts where that one left off, but there doesn't seem to be enough detail in this one about what the end of the last one was. Eventually I was able to get back into the flow of Alan's story and journey enough that it was okay, but the beginning was rocky. I bet the beginning of the next one will be as well, because the ending of this one is a cliffhanger too! I do like Alan, I really enjoy his journey and seeing things through his eyes. I like to be able to see the way he's changing too. I think Alan started off an angry, selfish man, but he has kind of mellowed and become a really good man who thinks about and is able to help others on their own journeys. I can't wait to read the next book in the Walk Series! 

I borrowed this book from my local library.

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