The Knight of Redmond

Lily is a troubled young woman. In her own village she's known as a witch because her mother is seen as a witch and her large birthmark on her face doesn't help either. Her mother's family refuse to have anything at all to do with either of them, all except Uncle Orrick. It's Uncle Orrick that has given Lily her very first chance to escape her village by staying with a distant relative, but Lily is very disappointed when she finds out she will be unable to make it because of a battle that has closed the road they need to take. Her uncle mysteriously sends her straight home with a friend, but Lily feels as though she's being followed. Even when she makes it home, she knows that there is something wrong. Luckily her mother is needed in the neighboring fife of Redmond to assist with a birth, and Lily jumps at the chance to get them both out of the house that doesn't feel safe right then. The only danger to Lily for the moment is falling in love with the young master of the house where they are staying. But that won't be hard to avoid, Lily hates everything to do with the fife of Redmond, or does she?

I ended up liking this book, even though the beginning was really hard for me to get into. I'm not sure why, there was plenty of action and fighting at the beginning, maybe it was just too much to be cast right into Lily's turbulent world right then. I liked Lily, she's smart, loyal and by the end confident of who she is. I liked Wren too, he's full of honor, and love for his family and country. There is plenty of action in this book, and a touch of romance too! This is a very good debut novel from Jennifer K Clark.

I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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