Stop Me If You've Read This One

I've been waiting for months to read this one. When I talked to Carla Kelly in March at an author event she mentioned it to me and I knew that the book would be one I would love. From 2005 until 2008 Whitney Award winning author Carla Kelly worked for a newspaper in North Dakota. One of the many things she did for them was write a weekly column titled Prairie Lite all about her life in North Dakota, family, growing up years and many other interesting subjects. This is a book made up of those columns. I really enjoyed reading the columns and learning more about Carla Kelly's life, she's one of my very favorite clean romance authors. This was such a fun book for me to read! I have my own newspaper columnists that I read faithfully. I even cried when my very favorite left one paper and moved to a rival paper a couple of years ago! Carla Kelly's columns are a joy to read. There's humor, seriousness, and life experiences galore in this book. Make sure that you read this one, it's well worth your time!  

I borrowed this book from my local library.

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