Safe Passage

It's the time of the Mexican Revolution and things in Mexico are no longer safe. The Mormon leaders have urged their members to evacuate to the safety of the United States. Ammon Hancock knows he has no choice but to follow his family. When he gets to El Paso, he finds his family living in small, cramped quarters in a lumber yard. It's here that his father-in-law finds him, and asks him to go back to Mexico for his estranged wife. It's been two years since his wife, Addie, threw her wedding ring at him and told him to never come back. She was taking care of her ailing grandmother in Garcia, Mexico when her family left, and none of them have seen either of them since. Her father asks Ammon to go back, find her, and bring her out of Mexico, and he even offers to pay. Ammon refuses the money for himself, but knows that his family can use it, so he says he will go if half of the money goes to his family and the other half goes to Addie so that she can divorce him and move on with her life. Ammon knew that the trip would be dangerous, but he had no idea just how dangerous, he's almost killed numerous times on the journey. He sees many sights that he wishes that he hadn't seen, is able to help many people, just like his Book of Mormon namesake and through it all, he just hopes that Addie is still alive so that he can find her and save her. Will he find Addie? Will she throw him out again? 

This was a really good story. The one thing that I wished was different was that with the exception of the prologue, the whole story was through Ammon's point of view, it left me wishing to know just what Addie was thinking. I liked the characters, they were well written and seemed to step off the pages. I liked the plot, I really like historical fiction, I like learning about things that really happened in a way that isn't just facts and figures, and Carla Kelly is a master at that. All in all this is a good story, with a sweet ending!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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