Amanda knew she should have made a different choice 3 years ago, when Greg wanted to be her boyfriend, but she was convinced otherwise by her popular cheerleader friends. She knew then that she loved him, but never got the chance to tell him because his family moved the very next day. Now he's back in Farmington, New Mexico, his family is filthy rich, he's hotter than ever, and to make things even worse, going to be living in Amanda's old house, because her parents had to move out of it to be able to fit their spending in their budget. It becomes kind of funny how the same girls that wanted nothing to do with him 3 years earlier now want to fight over him, and don't even seem to remember him from 3 years earlier. Maybe that's because he goes by Gregory now instead of Greg. Amanda knows that she's messed up royally, she knows there's no way that Gregory would ever want her to be his girlfriend now, so she decides that she will help him to find the best girlfriend and stay out of the way so that she doesn't mess anything up for him, but will that mean allowing her terrible step-sister, Sydney, or her best friend Kylie to be the one that he chooses. Either way Amanda's heart is going to be broken. 

I really enjoyed this story. It was cute, and I loved Amanda. She's really the All-American girl next door. Kind, funny, considerate, always thinking of others. I felt really sad for her, because the whole book she believes that there is no way that she and Gregory could ever be together and she regrets her choice. Her selfish family was really annoying to me, they take everything away from Amanda and give everything they can to Sydney. I like the plot, it's very Jane Austen-esque. I really like that it's completely clean, no need to worry about little readers reading over your shoulder. I can't wait until our 12-year old decides that romances aren't yucky and wants to read a little more grown up book, this will be one of the first that I hand her!

I bought this book for my Kindle.

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