Dark Memories

It's been over 30 years since 6 young children disappeared into the Seven Stars Mine and only 5 returned. In that time, the 5 surviving children have moved on with their lives. They've married and had families. But now, with the anniversary of the incident quickly approaching, the survivors are being murdered. First was Mandy Osgood, her husband found her dead and was suspected of murdering her based on their history of domestic violence. But when Ezra Rucker is murdered in a truly gory fashion, and it's discovered that both he and Mandy were survivors of the Seven Stars Mine incident, it becomes clear very quickly that the survivors are being targeted. It's up to Twin Forks Police Chief Cal Hunt to find and protect each of the 5 survivors before it's too late. In his quest to protect them he must face his own demons of having his wife die just 6 months before, and his fear of small enclosed spaces. He must determine what or who is killing these people before it's too late for them and for himself.

I have to admit that I was kind of scared of reading this book after reading the beginning. I knew that it was going to be a ghost story, and I'm not overly fond of being scared. But once I got into the book a little ways I realized that I was really enjoying it. For me it became less of a ghost story and more of a mystery, because I don't really believe in ghosts. I really liked Cal Hunt in this book, his is the character you really get to "know" the most, most of the book is in his point of view. I can't say that I really liked all of the survivors because some of them were just plain selfish, rude or mean, but their characters were well planned and written. I liked the plot, there was always some action happening either to the survivors or to Cal. I really liked the ending, even though it was pretty creepy. Jeffry Savage is a master at writing with just the right amount of mystery, and creepiness! 

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