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Safe Passage

It's the time of the Mexican Revolution and things in Mexico are no longer safe. The Mormon leaders have urged their members to evacuate to the safety of the United States. Ammon Hancock knows he has no choice but to follow his family. When he gets to El Paso, he finds his family living in small, cramped quarters in a lumber yard. It's here that his father-in-law finds him, and asks him to go back to Mexico for his estranged wife. It's been two years since his wife, Addie, threw her wedding ring at him and told him to never come back. She was taking care of her ailing grandmother in Garcia, Mexico when her family left, and none of them have seen either of them since. Her father asks Ammon to go back, find her, and bring her out of Mexico, and he even offers to pay. Ammon refuses the money for himself, but knows that his family can use it, so he says he will go if half of the money goes to his family and the other half goes to Addie so that she can divorce him and move on w…

Blog Tour - I Will Lead You Along

Book SummaryIn 1970, Henry B. Eyring (known to all as “Hal” because his mother didn’t care for the name “Henry”) received an impression to make a daily record of his activities. Years of his journals form the backbone of this intimate biography, a candid look at his walk through life with his beloved companion, Kathy. “The journal shows how a good-but-imperfect man works each day to win divine approval,” write the authors, and this window into his past provides unforgettable insights about the man the Lord has shaped him to become. Henry B. Eyring’s professional, academic, and personal experiences all combined to make him uniquely qualified for the responsibilities that would become his. And Kathy, always at his side, matching his intellect and spirituality, has influenced him profoundly and contributed to his life mission in unmatchable ways. Their story, told largely in his own words, vividly demonstrates the power of the Lord and the example set by one who strives to follow His c…

Ruby's Secret

At age 62, Ruby is the oldest of the women in the Newport Ladies Book Club, she's also the founder, holding most meetings at her home. To those who see her, Ruby has lived a perfect life. She was married to a man who appears to have been a great guy, they had a great son, and now Ruby appears to live the perfect life. But what most people don't know or see is just how hard her life really has been. Ruby's husband cheated on her for over 30 years, and Ruby knew about most of them, she even has a box with mementos from each of the women. But Ruby also has a dark secret to do with her husband, a secret that she doesn't want anyone to ever know about. Ruby never plans to find love again. But sometimes plans change without the planner ever wanting them to. Ruby gets involved in the local senior center and before she knows it, she's signed up to go on a 2 week trip to Greece with them. It's in Greece that she meets a very handsome man who also happens to be the tour …

Stop Me If You've Read This One

I've been waiting for months to read this one. When I talked to Carla Kelly in March at an author event she mentioned it to me and I knew that the book would be one I would love. From 2005 until 2008 Whitney Award winning author Carla Kelly worked for a newspaper in North Dakota. One of the many things she did for them was write a weekly column titled Prairie Lite all about her life in North Dakota, family, growing up years and many other interesting subjects. This is a book made up of those columns. I really enjoyed reading the columns and learning more about Carla Kelly's life, she's one of my very favorite clean romance authors. This was such a fun book for me to read! I have my own newspaper columnists that I read faithfully. I even cried when my very favorite left one paper and moved to a rival paper a couple of years ago! Carla Kelly's columns are a joy to read. There's humor, seriousness, and life experiences galore in this book. Make sure that you read this…

Blog Tour - My Name Used to Be Muhammad

About the BookTito Momen was raised Muhammad Momen. He was born in Nigeria and was taught to observe the strict teachings of Islam. At age five he woke at 4:45 every morning to attend the mosque and perform dawn prayer with the other men in his village. Training to memorize the Qur’an began at age six. It was at this same age that he began copying the entire Qur’an word for word. He was being raised to emerge as a leader among clerics, capable of leading a jihad, or holy struggle, to convert nonbelievers to Islam. However, Tito’s path took an unexpected turn when he was introduced to Christianity. His decision to believe in Jesus Christ cost him his family and his freedom. Tito thought he would spend his remaining days enduring a life sentence in an uncivilized Egyptian prison. For fifteen years he suffered and waited and prayed. Tito said, “I never gave up hope. I never stopped believing.” Although he was falsely imprisoned, beaten, and ridiculed, Tito’s remarkable true story is on…

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I Am A Reader, Not A WriterFeed Your ReaderAllergic to Life by Kathryn Chastain Treat The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old GirlLiving, Learning, and Loving LifeConfessions of a Librarian in Training...Bea's Book NookAuthor Kary RaderAuthor Jennie SherwinA Book Lover's RetreatThese are but ShadowsTressa's Wishful EndingsAuthor Lia FairchildAuthor Helen SmithBuku-Buku DidiTruth Seekers Dare to EnterThe Reporter and the GirlAuthor Terah …


Jo Powers has lived a hard life, her husband was convicted of murdering his step-brother when she was pregnant with their son, and promptly divorced her. Since then she's been a single mother, and put herself through school to be a veterinarian. She loves working with animals and is grateful to be able to work for the local rodeo, which happens to be owned and operated by her new fiance Lance. One evening after the rodeo, Jo heads to her truck to leave and is startled to find a scary looking injured man with a gun inside. He orders her to leave the crowded area and it's not until she's almost home that she realizes that the man is her ex-husband Faulkner escaped from prison. She wants nothing more than to turn him in as soon as he is fixed up, but his story about her father coming to visit him and believing that he was innocent right before he died stops her in her tracks. What if her father, Faulkner's step-brother, and his mother were all murdered...and by the same p…


It's been nearly 10 years since Billy's father was killed in a hit and run accident, and Billy is aching for some closure. He was only 7 years old that rainy night, so there are lots of things that he didn't understand at the time and many things that he doesn't remember about that day. He has a job digging graves at the city cemetery, and one day while accidentally digging in the wrong area, he digs up an old ammunition box. But because of circumstances, he can't take the box with him right then, he has to come back in the middle of the night to find it. But by then, it's disappeared. Billy is really curious now, whose box is it? Did the pastor see him dig it up? Where is the box now? That last question is answered the next day when Billy finds it just before the funeral and opens it. It's full of jewelry and money, and in the very bottom an old faded article about the pastor's wife dying, one year to the day after his dad died. Billy senses a mystery …

Shannon's Hope

Shannon's step-daughter Keisha has a problem, she's a drug addict. She tends to disappear for weeks at a time and then call Shannon and John begging for help, both monetarily and a place to stay. When she calls again in the middle of the night, it's obvious that John wants nothing to do with her living with them again, they have a son to worry about and can't have her brand of crazy disrupting his life. Shannon knows that they can't leave her where she is, the life of a druggie is very dangerous. Her hope is that while she's living with them, Keisha can become free of drugs, go to school, get a job, and learn to have a normal life. John insists that she sign an agreement saying that she won't use drugs or alcohol while living with them, she'll get a job, pay for her own expenses, otherwise she will have 3 days to get out of their home. Things seem to be going well, but then it's obvious that Keisha has been drinking, Shannon hides it from John, know…

Blog Tour - One Sweet Cupcake

About the Book: One Sweet Cupcake is the ultimate guide to baking, decorating, and presenting beautiful cupcakes. Janell Brown gives expert advice on what equipment you’ll need, how to add and mix ingredients just right, and what techniques to use. You’ll also learn the basics of cupcake decorating, along with ideas for themes, seasons and holidays and decorating with kids. Learn all these sweet secrets for making your cupcakes look and taste professional.

My Review: Oh my goodness! This book showed up in my mailbox and I fell instantly in love! Janell Brown owns a bakery called One Sweet Slice, she's also won the Food Network's Cupcake Wars, so she knows what she's talking about when it comes to cupcakes. I love the pictures in this book, each is more beautiful and yummy looking than the last. These cupcakes look as though they would be simple to put together and taste awesome. I can't wait to try some of these! I also really loved the decorating tutorials that are in …

Nourish and Strengthen

Chloe Taylor lives with her family in Midland, Texas. She's got a great husband, 3 cute kids, a great calling in the Young Women presidency, and she's finally happy with her body. Her friends are always commenting on how great she looks, and she's proud to have the figure of a model. But Chloe quickly realizes how little that kind of thing matters when she becomes sick and can't get rid of her little cold. It seems as though she's always hungry, and a with a hacking cough that just won't go away, and a doctor that doesn't think there's anything to be worried about, but deep down Chloe knows that there's something more seriously wrong. It's after she's called as the new Primary President in her ward that her problems are finally diagnosed, she has type 1 adult onset diabetes just like her husband. That creates a whole new set of worries for their family. Will their children end up just like them, and is there anything that can be done to prev…


Amanda knew she should have made a different choice 3 years ago, when Greg wanted to be her boyfriend, but she was convinced otherwise by her popular cheerleader friends. She knew then that she loved him, but never got the chance to tell him because his family moved the very next day. Now he's back in Farmington, New Mexico, his family is filthy rich, he's hotter than ever, and to make things even worse, going to be living in Amanda's old house, because her parents had to move out of it to be able to fit their spending in their budget. It becomes kind of funny how the same girls that wanted nothing to do with him 3 years earlier now want to fight over him, and don't even seem to remember him from 3 years earlier. Maybe that's because he goes by Gregory now instead of Greg. Amanda knows that she's messed up royally, she knows there's no way that Gregory would ever want her to be his girlfriend now, so she decides that she will help him to find the best girlf…

Blog Tour - Follow Me to Zion

About the bookJames G. Willie knew the trek would be arduous when he left Iowa City in July 1856, leading 500 handcart pioneers on a 1,300-mile journey across the plains.

But he could not have known that his people would run out of food while still hundreds of miles from Salt Lake City nor that the winter of 1856 would begin in the middle of October with prolonged, severe storms. Sixty-nine members of his company would die along the way. Yet from this tragedy emerged triumphant stories of personal endurance, courage, heroism, and unwavering faith.

Follow Me to Zion recounts 20 compelling stories of members of the Willie handcart company and their rescuers. Dozens of full-color images by artist Julie Rogers enrich this keepsake volume, which pays tribute to the men, women, and children who have become enduring witnesses of the power of faith and sacrifice.

Here you will find excerpts from their own accounts of the journey, learn what those faithful pioneers did after reaching the Salt L…

A Night on Moon Hill

Daphne is an author and she also teaches creative writing classes at the local college. The only thing that keeps her sane after her classes is swimming in her outdoor swimming pool. One evening, after a particularly trying class, Daphne heads to her pool and without even looking in, she starts to swim. She's done several laps when she realizes that there is someone in the pool with her and that the someone is no longer alive. She rushes to her house, unsure of just what to do, she knows she needs to call 911, but she also knows the disruption of her life that will bring. She gets up the courage to turn on the lights in and around the pool and discovers her star writing pupil, floating dead in her pool. When she gets up the courage to go outside she finds a note from the boy, Joshua and also a watch with not only her picture inside it, but a picture of Steve, a young man whose baby Daphne delivered as a 15 year-old but gave up for adoption because she could never have cared for hi…

Blog Tour - 52 Questions from the Book of Mormon

About the book:Ready for a change in your life? Turn to the Book of Mormon! Popular authors Brad Wilcox and John Hilton III help us recognize and ponder 52 powerful Book of Mormon questions which can help us with the challenges in life. Could a simple question change your perspective?

·         How is it that ye have forgotten?
·         Have ye inquired of the Lord?
·         Lord, how long?
·         Have ye spiritually been born of God?
·         Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God?
·         Have miracles ceased?
·         Lord, how is it done?

One short chapter each week can inspire you in life-changing ways. Just imagine how much better your life could be one year from now!

CLICK HERE to see "52 Life Changing Questions from the Book of Mormon" featured in LDS Living's blog.

My Review: As I started reading this book, I was surprised by just how many questions are asked in the Book of Mormon (543)! It seems to me that with this many questions, there must be something t…

Zucchini Pie: Granny's Recipe for Life

Karen Burnett is a very busy woman, she's currently Relief Society president and in charge of many things, including funerals. She's just taking the funeral potatoes for today's funeral from the oven when her husband calls her on her cell phone. She doesn't have time or a hand to answer right then, so she figures she'll just have to call him back. But by the time she gets the funeral taken care of she realizes that something must be terribly wrong because he's called her so many times. What she hears when she calls him back is devastating to her. Granny Adelaide, the woman who raised her husband Tom, is dying, she's needed at the hospital immediately. Luckily she's able to get there with enough time to say goodbye, but Granny passes away later that day. Before she passes away though, she asks Karen for one last favor. There was hard feelings in the family and a split many years earlier. Granny would like the whole family to come together and have a meal…

Blog Tour - A Light in Dark Places

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A Light in Dark Places In December, 2009, Susan Cox Powell was reported missing from her home in West Valley City, Utah. As law enforcement tried to piece together what had happened to Susan, her husband, Josh Powell, became the only person of interest in the case. For Jennifer Graves, Josh’s sister, the nightmare started long before Susan’s disappearance. From her experiences growing up in the Powell family to the terrifying moment when she first started to believe her brother was a killer, she relied on her faith to stay strong. She devoted herself to the safety of Susan’s boys, Charlie and Braden, whom she hoped to be able to raise as her own. When the boys were murdered by their father in February, 2012, Jennifer was more than devastated, but she had to believe there was a reason for it all—including the deaths of her beloved nephews. In A Light In Dark Places, Jennifer shares her struggles and her triumphs. In coming to terms with such tragedy she finally was able…

The Knight of Redmond

Lily is a troubled young woman. In her own village she's known as a witch because her mother is seen as a witch and her large birthmark on her face doesn't help either. Her mother's family refuse to have anything at all to do with either of them, all except Uncle Orrick. It's Uncle Orrick that has given Lily her very first chance to escape her village by staying with a distant relative, but Lily is very disappointed when she finds out she will be unable to make it because of a battle that has closed the road they need to take. Her uncle mysteriously sends her straight home with a friend, but Lily feels as though she's being followed. Even when she makes it home, she knows that there is something wrong. Luckily her mother is needed in the neighboring fife of Redmond to assist with a birth, and Lily jumps at the chance to get them both out of the house that doesn't feel safe right then. The only danger to Lily for the moment is falling in love with the young mast…

Blog Tour - Hudson Lights

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Hudson Lights Composed of 4 vocal artists from the Rocky Mountains, Hudson Lights creates a fresh fusion of contemporary pop and jazz like you've never heard before! World-class harmonies and consummate showmanship make this an unforgettable music experience. Equal parts thrilling, inspiring, and effortlessly charming, Hudson Lights brings a classy edge back to mainstream pop.
HUDSON LIGHTS will release their self-titled debut album November 12, 2013. They released a single, “Good to Me”, on iTunes in September. The group is composed of four male vocal artists from around the country: McKay Crockett, Keith Evans, Joseph Moore and Ross Welch. Together they create a fresh fusion of contemporary pop and jazz music. The upbeat album features classic covers of legends like Frank Sinatra and The Beatles. They also have several original songs. Bob Ahlander, director of music at Shadow Mountain Records, says “Hudson Lights fills a void in the music scene.” They have alre…

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Dark Memories

It's been over 30 years since 6 young children disappeared into the Seven Stars Mine and only 5 returned. In that time, the 5 surviving children have moved on with their lives. They've married and had families. But now, with the anniversary of the incident quickly approaching, the survivors are being murdered. First was Mandy Osgood, her husband found her dead and was suspected of murdering her based on their history of domestic violence. But when Ezra Rucker is murdered in a truly gory fashion, and it's discovered that both he and Mandy were survivors of the Seven Stars Mine incident, it becomes clear very quickly that the survivors are being targeted. It's up to Twin Forks Police Chief Cal Hunt to find and protect each of the 5 survivors before it's too late. In his quest to protect them he must face his own demons of having his wife die just 6 months before, and his fear of small enclosed spaces. He must determine what or who is killing these people before it…

Blog Tour - A Bargained for Bride

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A Bargained-For Bride by Marcia Lynn McClure (Novella)Excerpt “You’re the sweetest girl in Mourning Dove Creek, you know?” Jack mumbled as he paused in kissing Jilly a moment. Jilly smiled. “And you’re the handsomest man in Mourning Dove Creek, you know,” she flirted in return. Jack smiled. “I do know,” he said. Jilly giggled. Jack Taylor was so predictable—and a little conceited. He really did think he was the handsomest man in Mourning Dove—and he was, for the most part. Secretly, however, if Jilly ever allowed herself to be completely honest about it (which she tried to avoid), there was one other man in Mourning Dove who always crossed her mind when the subject of the handsomest man in town arose. Yet there was no lingering on thinking of that man—no sirree! Not for a moment! Not for any reason—ever. And so Jilly just kept telling Jack that he was the handsomest man in Mourning Dove Creek. Besides, it was almost true—being that the other man lived outside of tow…