Sleeping Beauty

To Princess Aleyna life is perfect. Her castle is lovely, the people in her kingdom always happy with enough to eat, yes, life just can't seem to get any better. But Aleyna doesn't know that she isn't awake and her world, including the servants that take care of her, are just the ghosts of the past. When Aleyna turned 18, a wicked woman tried to take her away from her family, she was saved by a gift given to her when she was a baby by a unicorn named Ezralon. But her family was not so lucky, they were slaughtered before her very eyes. Now she's sleeping a peaceful sleep, kept there by Ezralon so that she can not remember the pain that she would have felt as her family was killed. Ezralon knows that the prince that is to help Aleyna kill the wicked woman is going to be there soon, he only hopes that Aleyna will not be awakened before all is ready to fight her. Meanwhile, Prince Darien of a neighboring country is goaded into coming to Aleyna's castle by his friends in order to prove to these friends that he is not afraid of ghosts. What the four friends find is a castle completely gone to waste and a ghostly girl who cannot tell that all around her is in shambles. But will Prince Darien be able to wake Aleyna up and protect her from the wickedness that surely will be coming? Or will all be lost?

I love Jenni James and Beauty and the Beast was amazingly done. This one felt as though there was something missing. I did like the take on the fairy tale, it's a way I've never seen this one before. I was able to talk to the author, and I understand just why this one doesn't really "sparkle" but I had hoped for better. There were several things I did like about this one though, the romance, the illusions to a life before this one and I really liked the way it ended. All in all, I can't wait to read another book by Jenni James!

I was able to download this one for free from Amazon.

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