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Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality

Lexi is a great girl. She's friends with everyone. But her life isn't as great as it seems to be. Her younger sister Mackenzie or Mac is 7 and constantly in beauty pageants. Her family is broken, her father left and her mom lost it and started entering the beautiful Mac into pageants. Unfortunately, the pageants are taking all of their money and Mackenzie has turned into a brat, even going so far as to tell Lexi that she's ugly. Lexi is not ugly, but rarely has time between pageants, her job and school to do anything at all for herself. She's even overheard her high school crush and good friend telling another boy that she has a "great personality", which of course means that she's not pretty. Lexi is fed up and decides with some persuasion from her friend Benny, that it's time to Glam Up, thinking that will make her life wonderful. But that's not quite what happens and Lexi is able to learn a valuable lesson about the beauty on the inside of people. But will she be able to learn her lesson, or will she have to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over?

I really liked the plot of this book. I liked Lexi, and I liked how, especially at first she was able to be in the pageant world but not really a part of it. I liked her friends, I liked the way that the school felt how high school did. I am a very conservative person so there was some language and a few other themes in this book that I didn't like and wasn't sure were really appropriate. 

I borrowed this book from my local library.


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Deseret Bookshelf Plus Review

I'm super excited to be able to tell you about Deseret Bookshelf's newest feature, Plus. I actually first heard about plus coming six months ago at Deseret Book's ladies night. I thought it sounded pretty great and now that I've tried it, I think it's even better than it sounded. It's basically a subscription that you add on top of the Deseret Bookshelf App. If you have Deseret Book's Platinum membership, you pay only $6.99 a month or $69 a year. If you don't it's $9.99 a month or $99 a year. Either way that's a really good deal for what you are going to be getting.

Here's the deal. With plus, you get to listen to all of their audiobooks...for FREE! Something I noticed on this is that you get to listen to even the newest books that are just barely in the store for FREE. I love this! Who has the time to run to the store to grab the book the very day it comes out? Not me, I'm too busy chasing kids around to do that!

Not to mention - have you…

Favorite Friday - Book Launch for Piper Pepper The Garden Sprite

I like to go to book launch parties! It's really fun to be able to meet the author of a book you've enjoyed reading and be able to talk to them just a little bit. I've had a ton of fun doing that. And I've met some really AMAZING people too! 

And I also like children's books, so I'm really excited to tell you about, not only a launch party coming up in Lehi next week, but about the book that will be launching.

About the book: Meet Piper and her three toad brothers in this first book of the series as they hop and fly around Piper's Garden. Piper loves her garden, with its petunias, violets and bell peppers. What Piper has a hard time with is her three toad brothers. They set traps, eat her food and race past her and through her garden. Will Piper be able to put that all aside when her brothers need her help? Piper Pepper the Garden Sprite is set in beautiful Alberta, Canada. With the Rockies and vast prairies as the backdrop, Piper helps us to see the sometime…

SeaQuest Aquarium Giveaway

For this week's Friday Favorite (I's only Wednesday!) I want to tell you about something new that I got to try out just last week. It's the SeaQuest Aquarium located in the Layton Hills Mall in Layton. 

This is a pretty new thing, it actually just opened in November. It's new, it's beautiful and there really is nothing like it located in Davis County. And actually, the way that it's been set up there isn't a whole lot like it out there. You see, it's not just an aquarium, it's really an interactive experience. There are only a few exhibits in the whole aquarium that have animals in them that you can't/shouldn't interact with. Those exhibits have high walls on them so you really can't interact with them anyway. Everything else has low walls. You can touch, feed, examine pretty much anything you see here. That makes it so much more than an aquarium.

I love the way it's set up in areas. Each of the rooms has a different and fun …