Case File 13: Zombie Kid

It's Halloween again and Nick, Carter and Angelo are ready to have the most amazing costumes in the neighborhood, again. This year they will be going as Zombies, complete with a beating "human" heart. They only hope to be able to stay out of the way of Cody Gills, the meanest kid in their school, a boy so large and so mean they had given him the nickname of Frankenstein. Nick always makes the boys costumes and this year, they are amazing. Unfortunately, for Nick, his great-aunt Lenore that he's never even met has just died and her funeral is being held on Halloween in Louisiana. Nick just knows that this is going to be the worst Halloween ever. He's not even going to get to go trick-or-treating this year, let alone be with his friends in his neighborhood in the awesome costume that he's made. But Nick doesn't plan on finding out his great-aunt was a voodoo queen either, or finding her whole stash of potion ingredients, things so scary his parents lock the door to her basement while they are staying in her house. He also doesn't plan on being turned into a...Zombie! But will Nick and his friends be able to turn him back?

This book was really funny! I loved Nick, Carter and Angelo. The titles of the chapters made me laugh really hard. There was plenty of suspense in this book, it's written for elementary aged boys, so there's nothing to scary. The situations these boys got themselves into made me laugh out loud. I also really liked the technique they used to get rid of their bully for good. 

I was able to borrow a copy of this book from my local library.

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