Chalice Stratford is in the witness protection program, so she can no longer be herself, accomplished plastic surgeon, now she's started her first day as a docent in a French museum. There's a class of children in an hour before the museum opens when there is a disturbance made by three men. The men order everyone, including Chalice to get on the floor. But the teacher of the class cannot seem to comprehend the situation and she just keeps screaming. This focuses the attention of the men on her, and when it becomes obvious they mean to hurt her in front of her class, Chalice intervenes. This only serves to make her the hostage, a situation eerily similar to her prior life. But what she doesn't know is that one of the robbers is Omar Zagouri, undercover agent, will he allow his thugs to hurt Chalice?

This book is super short, it's a novella, and I was able to read it really quickly. I liked Chalice, but I really wished for more of her story. How can you not like the handsome and gallant Omar Zagouri?! I really liked the story, it was fast moving and even a little bit crazy. The only thing I wished for was more, what happens to the two of them? What had happened to Chalice before? If you are looking for a short, action packed story, look no further, you won't be disappointed! 

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