Secrets of New Forest Academy (Janitors #2)

Spencer's life fighting toxites has gone on as normal. But things are about to change, Spencer and Daisy are finding way more toxites at their school than is normal, a whole bucketful in the library caused a bunch of problems. Why so many extra toxites? Their friend and mentor Walter comes back and saves them just in the nick of time, and he has some explanations about the numbers of toxites. The BEM (Bureau of Educational Maintenance) is after Spencer for something they think that his dad sent him. Spencer is confused, he's not received anything in the two years since his dad disappeared. But the BEM is coming, and Spencer and Daisy must disappear, fast. And because of circumstances beyond their control, the bully Dez is going to have to disappear too. Walter is going to send them to an elite private school, hopefully to get them out of the way. But Walter had no way of knowing that his contact there would have disappeared by the time the kids get there. The one place they thought would be safe is now filled with danger for the kids. Will they be able to stay one step ahead of the BEM and bad guys?

I really enjoyed this book. It's filled with action and adventure. It's also completely clean. I love the concept of fighting the bad toxites and bad guys of the BEM with seemingly ordinary cleaning supplies. I laughed out loud when one of the other kids in the book threatened the bad guy with a feather duster and Spencer, thinking that all cleaning supplies are weapons asked what it did, the kid said that it dusted things. So funny! I really like Spencer and Daisy, I love that they are regular kids that are able to fight the bad guys. I can't wait to read more of their adventures!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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