River Secrets

The war between Bayern and Tira has ended, but the peace seems very temporary and unstable. Isi and Gerric decide that in order to help stabilize the peace, there will be ambassadors sent between the country. Enna will be going with the group to help protect the ambassadors. Razo is kind of sad, because he feels that he doesn't have any skills necessary to be able to go with the group, so he's very surprised when he's asked to go by the group leader. They set out, all of the group very careful to protect Enna, so she can't be recognized as the Fire Witch that burned the armies of Tira during the war. There are lots of strange things happening though, like bodies that have been burned beyond recognition and left for Razo to find, and no one in the capital city of Tira liking the Bayern. Razo must unravel the mystery of what's going on before it's too late for Enna and the others. 

I've enjoyed this series, although this was probably my least favorite of the Books of Bayern. The plot seemed to move a bit slow, but I love the characters in these books. I love the way they are able to do neat things with wind, water and fire. Shannon Hale is a master at writing books that kids and adults alike enjoy. 

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