One Classic Latin Lover, Please

Tierney is getting ready to get married, unfortunately, she's already figured out that it's the wrong thing to do. But her parents, especially her mom would kill her if she dumped her fiance and moved on. She is having her bridal shower with all of her friends, and every one of them got her something scandalous from Victoria's Secret that she will never allow her fiance to see her in. But then she gets the best present ever! Her brother, Alec, sent her a great big box. When Tierney opens the great big box, she finds the most handsome man ever wearing an amazing tuxedo standing in front of her. The man asks her to tango, and creates the perfect situation for her to escape the party and her engagement before delivering Alec's message. The message is "Run." Tierney knows that Alec is right, she knows she can't marry her fiance, and that the only way out is for her to run, so she does. She runs to Alec and the small town of Leavenworth, never dreaming to see the handsome Latin Lover again, but little does she know that he lives in the same town and he's best friends with Alec. But will Tierney be able to get the handsome Latin Lover to fall in love with her?

This was a really cute book. I especially liked the beginning scenes. I liked Tierney, Alec, Rome and Celeste. Their characters were really well done, and there was some originality with them and their town. I do think though, that the way that Marcia Lynn McClure's books are is not really original. There is always a heroine character, she always makes a mistake that puts herself in danger from a villain character, and then the hero character swoops in and saves her. Maybe it's time for a different plot. 

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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