Glimmer of Hope

Miranda Harford is a young woman at peace with her current situation. She's happily living in her country home with her grandfather, taking her healthful walks and eating her country diet. But she gets home from one of her walks one day only to discover that her home is overrun with luggage and servants that she has never seen before. Things become very clear when her estranged husband, Carter, appears and informs her that he's going to be having a house party at her home. Miranda hasn't seen or heard from Carter since he left her home from a promised London trip. She feels that he abandoned her, but what she doesn't realize is that he also felt abandoned. Both Miranda and Carter are unable to see past their own pain, but they know that for the sake of the house party guests they must put their differences aside and try to at least be the picture of a happily married couple. They quickly learn that there has been a great misunderstanding between them, but is it possible to even begin to fix three long years of thinking the other didn't care?

I LOVE Sarah Eden's books! She is an amazing regency romance writer. I really enjoyed this book of hers as well. I like the characters, Miranda is such a gentle, kind woman, I love the way that Sarah portrays that through her interaction with children. I wanted to not like Carter, but in spite of myself, I did and he earned it by the end of the book. I really enjoyed the story, usually Sarah's books are about the falling in love, I really enjoyed that this one was about fixing a problem that was already there and Miranda and Carter learning to trust and show love for each other again. I can't wait to read more of Sarah Eden's books!

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