On a fine, normal morning Adriana Chambers is leaving her neighborhood when she spots a man obviously needing help changing his flat tire. Adriana is a whiz at car repairs, so she stops to help. The man happily accepts her help, but she is unable to get the tire off with out a screwdriver and the man doesn't have one. Adriana returns to her house, but gets caught up in a phone call and errand for her mom, and by the time she gets back to the man, it's only to see him driving away with what looks like a passenger in the passenger seat. At the same time her lawyer neighbor is discovered dead in his home office, so the tire man becomes very suspicious to Adriana. He was also suspicious to the police, who find him at the local 
7-11 with a blood covered screwdriver in the backseat and a wild story about a stranger he'd given a ride to who disappeared into the 7-11. Adriana knows there was no way the man murdered the lawyer, so she goes to the police detective on the case, Brad Osborne, and tells him her suspicions. Brad quickly understands her reasons and agrees with her, but he's the only one in the office that believes the man could be innocent. Things quickly get dangerous for Adriana, whoever really did murder her neighbor is now out to get her, will she be able to escape the danger before it's too late?

Clair Poulson's mysteries are some of my very favorite! His characters always seem as though they could be real people. His mysteries are always creepy, I'm always waiting for the bad guys to step out of the shadows and scare me, I never know quite what's going to happen. I loved the story, and I was really surprised at the ending of this one, I never would have guessed how it ended! Can't wait for his next mystery!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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