Dark Passage (Kingdom Keepers #6)

Finn, Maybeck, Philby, Charlene, and Willa are still on the Disney Dream's inaugural cruise of the Panama Canal. They know that time is running out and that the cruise is getting even more dangerous for each of them. They also know that Maleficent and the Evil Queen are still on board and trying to bring the villain Chernabog back to life. They must stop them before it's too late. But Maleficent and the Evil Queen are themselves trying to stop the Kingdom Keepers. Add to that the little arguments between the group, the rumor that the original keepers are about to be retired without their consent and Finn's worry over his mom and things are about to get even more explosive!

I really love this series. I love that these books are super clean, they are published by Disney, so there's no worry that your child will stumble upon something that you don't want them to. The books are packed with action and adventure, sure to please both boys and girls, because the point of view changes between the characters. I also really love that adults like them just as much as kids! They are also full of Disney characters, parks and cruise ships. Ridley Pearson has done an excellent job with each of these books. They don't really stand alone, you do need to read them in order to understand fully what's happening and why.

I was able to borrow this book from my local library. 

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