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Dark Passage (Kingdom Keepers #6)

Finn, Maybeck, Philby, Charlene, and Willa are still on the Disney Dream's inaugural cruise of the Panama Canal. They know that time is running out and that the cruise is getting even more dangerous for each of them. They also know that Maleficent and the Evil Queen are still on board and trying to bring the villain Chernabog back to life. They must stop them before it's too late. But Maleficent and the Evil Queen are themselves trying to stop the Kingdom Keepers. Add to that the little arguments between the group, the rumor that the original keepers are about to be retired without their consent and Finn's worry over his mom and things are about to get even more explosive!

I really love this series. I love that these books are super clean, they are published by Disney, so there's no worry that your child will stumble upon something that you don't want them to. The books are packed with action and adventure, sure to please both boys and girls, because the point of vi…

Blog Tour - Warm Up Your Winter

Book Blurb from Cedar Fort: Snuggle up next to the fire! While winter rages outside, nothing beats a steaming mug of hot chocolate or cider. Warm up Your Winter includes delightful recipes like Classic Hot Cocoa, Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate, and Hot Caramel Apple Cider. Also included are topping recipes and ideas on how to serve up a hot beverage bar for an unforgettable holiday get-together.

Author of Real Mom Kitchen, Laura Powell brings you a collection of recipes sure to get you toasty on even the coldest evenings. Don’t just survive the winter—warm it up! 

My review: I was way excited to be asked to review this book by one of my very favorite food bloggers Laura Powell. Her website is one I look at every day without fail and I've made countless recipes from her site. This book is so fun! I love the pictures of the hot chocolate and cider, so pretty. I have actually already tried one of the recipes from this book, and I plan to try many, many more. Just one look at this cook…

Cover Reveal - Ripple Effect Romance Novella Series

I can't wait for this new series to come out! I have read books by all of these authors and I'm positive that all the books will be fabulous! And did I mention how pretty the covers are!

The Ripple Effect Romance Novella Series 
Enjoy this exciting new series of clean novellas by six critically-acclaimed authors.

"Like a pebble tossed into calm water, a simple act can ripple outward and have a far-reaching effect on those we meet, perhaps setting a life on a different course—one filled with excitement, adventure, and sometimes even love."

Book 1: Home Matters by Julie N. Ford
Book 2: Silver Linings by Kaylee Baldwin
Book 3: Righting A Wrong by Rachael Anderson
Book 4: Lost and Found by Karey White
Book 5: Second Chances 101 by Donna K. Weaver
Book 6: Immersed in Love by Jennifer Griffith

Home Matters by Julie N. Ford

According to her mother, Olivia Pembroke was born to be a star. But how is she supposed to be famous when she can't even get a decent acting gig? Her lucky bre…

Blog Tour - 250 Great Movies for Latter-Day Saint Families

Have you ever sat down with your family to watch a great movie only to find out that the movie you picked is not very family friendly? That's happened to our family before, even just when my husband and I are wanting to watch a movie by ourselves. This book is designed to stop that from happening. Jonathan Decker has picked 250 movies from the classics like Singin' in the Rain to more contemporary movies and talked about them. Each of the movies has a synopsis, content, and lessons that can be learned from them. This book is really great for those of us who want to be able to pick a clean movie to sit down and watch with our children, without having to worry about plugging their ears or covering their eyes or feeling the embarrassment that comes from too much adult talk in a movie. So pick up a copy of this book and then go out there and find yourself a great family movie to watch! 

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Purchase your own copy: Deser…

Where the River Once Flowed

It's 1879, the place - Sebastian Hacienda in New Mexico, a harsh land with harsh people living there. They have to be harsh to survive the gringos invading and taking all of the land they can from the people already living there. Don Sebastian is getting old and knows that he will soon die, he also knows that he must provide for his beautiful orphaned granddaughter, Iliana before he does. So he plans a party for her 15th birthday, planning to have her engaged to a strong man before the night is over. Iliana doesn't want anything to do with the plan, but her grandfather and her maid Amaya insist. But at the party, she's drug from the dance floor by Ben Purdy, her despised neighbor boy, and he's not planning anything kind or good. She is saved in the nick of time by Ross Adams, American cowboy. Her grandfather knows a good man when he sees one and decides that Ross will be the one to marry Iliana and take over the Sebastian Hacienda and keep it in the family for Iliana&#…

Fall Kindle Fire Giveaway

Glimmer of Hope

Miranda Harford is a young woman at peace with her current situation. She's happily living in her country home with her grandfather, taking her healthful walks and eating her country diet. But she gets home from one of her walks one day only to discover that her home is overrun with luggage and servants that she has never seen before. Things become very clear when her estranged husband, Carter, appears and informs her that he's going to be having a house party at her home. Miranda hasn't seen or heard from Carter since he left her home from a promised London trip. She feels that he abandoned her, but what she doesn't realize is that he also felt abandoned. Both Miranda and Carter are unable to see past their own pain, but they know that for the sake of the house party guests they must put their differences aside and try to at least be the picture of a happily married couple. They quickly learn that there has been a great misunderstanding between them, but is it possibl…

Blog Tour - Not Even Once

From the inside of the book jacket:The Not Even Once Club is an adorable and appealing way to engage children in a story that will help them choose for themselves to keep the commandments and to never break them. Not even once.

Children will meet Tyler, an energetic boy who is excited to make new friends in his Primary class. They have invited Tyler to join their special club, but first he has to pass the test and keep the club promise.

With illustrations from bestselling illustrator Brandon Dorman, The Not Even Once Club is a fun and engaging way for parents to help teach their children the importance of keeping the commandments. Included in the back of the book are additional teaching helps for parents and leader

My Review: This book is so cute! I love the story, and I especially love that it's based on a true story. I love the illustrations, so cute, colorful and fun! I love the message of the book, it's a great idea to teach your kids that they shouldn't try the bad thing…

A Portrait for Toni

Carter and Toni have been best friends for years. Carter is the one that Toni talks to her about everything, her parents, her job at the dance studio, her dates. She never even suspects that Carter has been in love with her for years and years. But Toni has a problem that she doesn't want to admit to, she has an eating disorder, and it's taking over her life. Carter notices and knows that he needs to find a way to help her. But he's a guy and he doesn't really understand, so he goes about it all wrong, causing Toni to push him away. Enter Clint, the hot new dancer at the dance studio, Toni's been crushing on him ever since she saw him, and he finally notices her and asks her out. It's even easier for Toni to continue her eating disorder when she's with Clint, he's very appreciative of her body and it's size, and that makes her want to make it even smaller. But this is very dangerous and Toni collapses onstage as they are dancing during a recital, wh…

River Secrets

The war between Bayern and Tira has ended, but the peace seems very temporary and unstable. Isi and Gerric decide that in order to help stabilize the peace, there will be ambassadors sent between the country. Enna will be going with the group to help protect the ambassadors. Razo is kind of sad, because he feels that he doesn't have any skills necessary to be able to go with the group, so he's very surprised when he's asked to go by the group leader. They set out, all of the group very careful to protect Enna, so she can't be recognized as the Fire Witch that burned the armies of Tira during the war. There are lots of strange things happening though, like bodies that have been burned beyond recognition and left for Razo to find, and no one in the capital city of Tira liking the Bayern. Razo must unravel the mystery of what's going on before it's too late for Enna and the others. 

I've enjoyed this series, although this was probably my least favorite of the B…

Band of Sisters: Coming Home

For Kim, Nora, Jess and Brenda, the 4 women who have been waiting for their husbands to finally come home from Afghanistan, the last year has gone really slowly. They've been through so much together and individually. Kim has had her baby, she didn't even know she was going to have when her husband left home. Nora has gained her independence and been through some hard times. Brenda has helped the others along. Jess has just been glad to have her husband gone for the last year. And Marianne has been trying to hold it together for her kids since her husband Brian died. Today is the day for the men to come home, the women still have so many plans: more weekly lunches together, Halloween and Christmas parties. And of course, they need to all adjust to having their husbands back in their lives. None of them will really have an easy adjustment, they all know that PTSD is a real possibility for any of their men. They also have to get used to having them back and not being quite so in…

September Kindle Fire Giveaway

Free today! The Reluctant Bachelorette!

The Reluctant Bachelorette by Rachael Renee Anderson

Unknowingly cast as the bachelorette for her town’s charity event, Taycee Emerson wants out. Especially when she discovers her old teenage crush, Luke Carney, is one of the bachelors and it’s up to the viewers–not her–to decide which bachelors stay or go.

Coerced into participating, Taycee does what any self-preserving girl would do. She launches a subtle attack on Luke’s good name with the hope of getting him voted off the show. Unfortunately, Luke’s an eye-for-an-eye kind of guy, and when he discovers what she’s up to, it means revenge.

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Blog Tour - My Own Mr. Darcy

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My Own Mr. Darcy

After being dragged to the 2005 movie Pride and Prejudice by her mother, sixteen-year-old Elizabeth’s life changes when Matthew Macfadyen’s Mr. Darcy appears on the screen. Lizzie falls hard and makes a promise to herself that she will settle for nothing less than her own Mr. Darcy. This ill-advised pledge threatens to ruin any chance of finding true love. During the six intervening years, she has refused to give any interested suitors a chance. They weren’t Mr. Darcy enough.

Coerced by her roommate, Elizabeth agrees to give the next interested guy ten dates before she dumps him. That guy is Chad, a kind and thoughtful science teacher and swim coach. While she’s dating Chad, her dream comes true in the form of a wealthy bookstore owner named Matt Dawson, who looks and acts like her Mr. Darcy. Of course she has to follow her dream. But as Elizabeth simultaneously dates a regular guy and the dazzling Mr. Dawson, she’s forced to re-evaluate what it was she lov…

Blog Tour - Midnight Masquerade

Tour Schedule
Midnight Masquerade

Stavos Voronin was not as blind-eyed as many nobles and royals. Evony’s physical gestures—even the simplest movement of her hands—revealed that she had not always been destitute. The same was true of the children—of their polished manners and the boy’s knowledge of horses and tendency to be bold and fearless of strangers.

Ah yes, Stavos enjoyed a good mystery. After all, interest in the inexplicable circumstances surrounding the royals of Abawyth was the very thing that had lured him to the kingdom—the enigma of Abawyth’s twelve sleepy princesses. And yet now—now his mind was all the more intrigued. Not only was the obscurity of what had caused the profound and baffling torpidity of Abawyth’s princesses laid out before him, but also he found his curiosity intensely piqued over the riddle surrounding the very lovely Evony and her siblings.

As Stavos strode through the village resting on the outskirts of Abawyth Castle, his mind reeled with possibilities. H…


On a fine, normal morning Adriana Chambers is leaving her neighborhood when she spots a man obviously needing help changing his flat tire. Adriana is a whiz at car repairs, so she stops to help. The man happily accepts her help, but she is unable to get the tire off with out a screwdriver and the man doesn't have one. Adriana returns to her house, but gets caught up in a phone call and errand for her mom, and by the time she gets back to the man, it's only to see him driving away with what looks like a passenger in the passenger seat. At the same time her lawyer neighbor is discovered dead in his home office, so the tire man becomes very suspicious to Adriana. He was also suspicious to the police, who find him at the local 
7-11 with a blood covered screwdriver in the backseat and a wild story about a stranger he'd given a ride to who disappeared into the 7-11. Adriana knows there was no way the man murdered the lawyer, so she goes to the police detective on the case, Brad …

Blog Tour - Blackmore

Kate Worthington never plans to marry. That's at least part of why she turned down the offer of marriage to old, diseased Mr. Cooper. Unfortunately, her mother has found out about her turning him down and is furious. She demands to know why, and when Kate tells her that she has plans for her life that don't include marriage to anyone, her mother takes away the only thing that Kate has wanted with all of her heart: a trip to the summer home of her friends, Blackmoore. Kate is furious. She's wanted to go to Blackmoore ever since she was a little girl and now when she finally has been invited, it's snatched away the day before she's to leave. Her good friend Henry, who has done so much for her thinks of a way that they can trick her mother into allowing her to go, and to Kate's surprise it works! Her mother will allow her to go on condition that Kate takes her younger sister, Maria, with her...and she must also receive 3 proposals of marriage from the group of you…

Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career

Miss Ellen Grimsley is constantly getting herself into trouble for doing things like correcting the Vicar when he tries to teach her younger brother Ralph that the capital of America is Boston. Ellen knows lots of things, including that the capital of America is Washington, DC, but as a woman, she's not allowed to have any higher learning. She would love nothing better than to be allowed to attend Oxford, instead of her older brother Gordon who would rather be in the army fighting in Spain. But she is a woman, and she feels that she has no hope of ever being able to attend Oxford. That all changes when her father wants a bottle of Fortaleza sherry to toast with at her sister's upcoming wedding. With the war, there's only one place that a bottle of that will be found, her aunt who doesn't get along with her father. Ellen knows that she can charm at least one bottle from her aunt, and she's thrilled when her father tells her that one bottle will be worth a special wi…

Blog Tour - Curse of the Broomstaff (Janitor's #3)

Spencer Zumbro and Daisy Gates are just trying to live their life normally after their run in with the BEM at New Forest Academy. The only problem is that no one else is willing to allow them to live their lives normally. Dez is still gone, and Spencer is still seeing visions of the three warlocks when he touches bronze. He's trying to keep tabs on Walter, but one day he sees something horrible. The warlock known as Mr. Clean taking over the jail and busting out Spencer and Daisy's former substitute teacher Leslie Sharmelle. He equips her with an Extension Toxite and sends her after Alan Zumbro, Spencer's father. Spencer knows that he must warn him right away, and he must escape school with Daisy to do it. On the way out, they are both suspended for the rest of the month. That makes what comes next easier. When Daisy and Spencer get to Spencer's house, they find the driveway blocked by a garbage truck and a strange garbologist is there to explain that they are part of …