The Runaway King

It's only been a few weeks since Prince Jaron (aka Sage) has taken over his murdered father's throne. It's the day of his family's funerals and Jaron is feeling sad and lonely and not really in the mood for the pomp and circumstance of a royal funeral, so he decides to go late and spend some time in the garden. He's happily climbing the castle when he spots someone dressed in black entering his private garden. Planning to surprise the person, he drops down on top of them, only to find the one assassin he had thought was in the garden was actually two. The second being Roden, who not only wants to kill him for being the king, he's also been sent to deliver a message to Jaron from the pirates. Jaron is to turn himself over to the pirates or there will be a bloody battle for the land of Carthya such as no one has ever seen before. Prince Jaren has no plans to do such a thing. He must convince the regents that there will be a war very soon if something is not done, but the regents don't believe that Prince Jaron should be king right then, and they want to send him into hiding for protection. Jaron knows that if he's sent away, he will be found and killed secretly, so he comes up with his own plan, one that sends him in disguise right into the hands of the pirates hoping against hope that they won't find out just who he really is. But will Jaron be able to hide in plain sight long enough to protect himself and his country?

This series is AMAZING! Love it. I love Jaron/Sage, his character has so much nerve, he's constantly getting himself into tons of trouble because he can't keep his mouth shut. The crazy thing about the trouble that he gets himself into is that the trouble usually works out according to his plans, and when it doesn't he's always able to turn things to his advantage. I love Imogen, she's a former servant who always has Jaron's back right when he needs her to. This book has tons of adventure. You won't be bored reading any one of the books in this series! 

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