The Orchard

Alisen Embry was just a girl of 13 when her mom died. Although such a young girl, she recognized the love that her mom had for her cherry orchard and because of her mom's love for it, she also developed a love for the orchard. She begged her father to allow her to continue to care for it. He was only too happy to not have to have Alisen around during that time, because she looked so much like her dead mother, so he agreed. 10 years later, Alisen knows that her family needs to rent out their family home, her father has spent way too much money and the only way that they can afford to keep their home is to rent it out for a while, but convincing her dad will be the hardest. When they find a renter, Alisen realizes that they are related to her former fiance Derick, who her father convinced her not to marry. Alisen has regretted not marrying Derick ever since, but she is prideful and refuses to contact him, or to allow him to be contacted by others. But when she is thrown into situations with Derick, Alisen realizes that she still very much cares for him and he seems completely indifferent to her. Will she be able to move on with her life without Derick, or is there still something between them?

I had a really hard time getting into this book. For me the first half of the story was very slow, there are a lot of flashbacks, and sometimes they work better than others. The last half of the book was really great though! I enjoyed the way the book ended, with happiness for Alisen and Derick and her father as well as forgiveness all the way around.

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