The Bewitching of Amoretta Ipswich

Amoretta Ipswich has just moved to the west with her family from Boston. Amoretta is having a hard time "blooming where she's been planted." But little does she know things are about to change. She's had a hard time giving up Boston because of the young man that she felt like she loved. But as soon as she lays eyes on the handsome, half-undressed Brake McClendon, she knows that he is the man for her and forgets all about her Bostonian love. But she must be careful of just who she tells she's in love with Brake, she doesn't want him to find out, and she most certainly doesn't want any of the girls from town to find out either. She knows that everyone of them would love to have Brake for their own as well,and she can't have them getting jealous of her. Brake noticed Amoretta first thing and knows too that she is to be his, but first he's got to get past her father the judge and his secret that hides in the woods.

This book was cute, I love the love stories that Marcia Lynn McClure writes. They are always clean, although there was some language in this one, fun, light romances. The stories are quick to read and engaging. This one was no different. I liked the gypsy element that was brought into this one, and I really liked that there were 2 romances in this story, not just one.

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