Take a Bow

Emme, Sophie, Carter, and Ethan all are trying out for a performing arts school. Some of them are used to being the big fish in the small pond, while some of them are used to being overlooked for that big fish. This is the story of their journey from trying out for the school to their senior year. There will be triumphs, and heartbreaks for all of these kids. But they will always know that they are there for one another, no matter what. Emme is an amazing songwriter, but that's the only thing she sees, and she doesn't think her songs are even that good, but that Sophie singing them is what makes them good. Emme has other talents that she just can't see. Sophie is Emme's best friend and she feels she has a right to any song that Emme is writing and that Emme will come running whenever she calls. Carter is Sophie's boyfriend. He was a child actor, but no one really knows what's underneath that. Ethan secretly has a thing for Emme, but throws himself at other girls because he knows that to her, he's only her best friend. Can these teenagers navigate their high school life without mishap and destruction of all of their friendships.

I really enjoyed this story. I like how Elizabeth Eulberg's characters seem so real. Every one of them feels like a real person with real problems. I like how they relate to each other in the course of the story. I also really like how they come to know themselves in the end and stop basically shooting themselves in the foot. The plot was great too, it felt just like high school did, emotionally unstable just a bit, with plenty of gossip. There were a few mild swear words in this one. But not enough to make me stop reading it or not want to read more by this author.

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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