Second Chances

Fed up with not only Hollywood's version of The Bachelor, but also the dating scene of the Huntington Beach single's ward, Louisa has decided to make her own Bachelor show, the Mormon Bachelor. It will run on the internet and hopefully make her new advertising business money and also get more business. The only problem is that the bachelor that she handpicked has just gotten himself into a relationship. It's days before filming and Louisa needs to find herself a Mormon man, hopefully handsome, likable and very free for the next few weeks. But where is she going to find him? Luckily her best friend and business partner, Molly has already done what she felt needed to be done. She's e-mailed Louisa's ex-boyfriend Nick, a handsome actor, and asked him to call Louisa. Louisa is furious, but knows she doesn't have any other choice. She must make Nick want to be The Mormon Bachelor and date 21 pretty girls, which she is able to do. But Louisa doesn't count on the jealousy that she starts feeling as she is watching Nick date those beautiful perfect girls. At first she chalks it up to tiredness from having to stay up so late editing the date footage, but soon, Louisa can't deny that she still has pretty strong feelings for Nick. Is there any way he could share those feelings, especially while dating 21 other beautiful girls?

This was such a fun book! The plot was fun, the characters were believable. I love the way that Melanie Jacobson writes a love story! I also love how I felt that I was in California as I was reading this book, something I desperately needed when I was reading it. I also loved seeing what happened to Melanie Jacobson's characters from The List. Melanie Jacobson writes some of my very favorite clean romances, check them out!

I bought this book, because I knew I would love it and I didn't want to wait to get it from the library!

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