Pride and Precipitation

Breezy Jones is the meteorologist on the local television station in Aspen Grove, California. She is very passionate about the weather, it's all she's ever wanted to do. She's even won awards for the accuracy of her forecasts. So when the station is sold she's not at all concerned about her job, she's excited to be able to make some changes. Unfortunately, the new station manager, Noah Drake, has earned the nickname of One Man Firing Squad, which he tends to live up to. There are only a few changes he's planning on making at this station and Breezy is one of them. She ends up demoted to a position that barely uses her degrees in meteorology in favor of a diva who doesn't dress at all modestly, mainly because of her wholesome Pollyanna image. She also gives Noah a nickname of her own, Drake the Snake. But when her mom insists that she be kind to Noah and even invites him to Sunday dinner, Breezy realizes that if the situation were different she could fall in love with Noah, and quickly becomes uncertain of her feelings for him. Can Breezy look beyond his position to see the man underneath?

This is a fun story. I loved the characters, sunny Breezy and Noah. I really enjoyed the mixed-up-edness of the situation. I really, really enjoyed the scene where Noah takes her to the beauty salon. I also love that it's clean, light-hearted and romantic. And of course, the Chick Flick Click girls were all awesome. I can't wait to read more of this series.

I borrowed this book from my sister-in-law who bought the Kindle version, which is only $.99 on Amazon. Check it out!

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