Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind

Sir Anthony is not at all happy to be asked to escort his grandmother's niece to her home in the country. He remembers Ginny from former years, all skinny and full of annoying opinions. Yet, his grandmother is firm, Sir Anthony must escort Ginny to her country home to check on her roses. Ginny and Sir Anthony start out, but all kinds of annoying things happen. First Ginny's maid becomes increasingly sick, so they stop to care for her at an inn along the way, the inn happens to be the most disgusting one there is between Grandmama's city home and her country home. At this inn, Ginny is first accosted by and then their carriage is stolen by two greasy looking men. It's comical how many bad things happen to Ginny and Sir Anthony on the way to the country, and it doesn't stop there! Ginny and Sir Anthony end up quarantined in the home of one of Grandmama's most annoying neighbor's, whose daughter, Lucinda, only wants scandal and romance. It's a recipe for disaster, but can Ginny and Sir Anthony learn to work together enough to avert the disaster that's coming their way?

This was a fun, cute book! The romance is clean. The plot did tend to move a bit slow for me, but the characters and the zany situations the characters were in made up for the plot. It was clean, which is always a good thing! Overall, I enjoyed this book, and would enjoy reading more books by Heidi Ashworth.

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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