First Kiss (Confessions of a 16 Year-Old Virgin Lips)

Brooklyn Hill is about to have the best, most amazing birthday in a good LDS girl's life. She's about to turn 16. She's a VL (Virgin Lips) planning to stay that way for a good long time, but at the same time she wants to date the most good looking guys that she can. She'll start with Luke on her 16th birthday, he's a good friend from swim team, so she knows that she'll have a great time. But things get confusing when several of the other girls from school and swim team start telling her that she needs to be careful with Luke. It seems there are many, many girls that had a really bad experience on their first dates with him. But nothing bad can happen...right? They're going in a group, on a hike it should be fine. Brooklyn can't dismiss the bad feeling she keeps getting about the date, but chooses to go anyway. Will she regret that choice?

I love Cindy Hogan! She is able to get right into the minds and hearts of teenagers. I loved the feel of this book, you feel like you're right there with Brooklyn as she has the adventure of her 16th birthday and subsequent first date. Brooklyn's character has plenty of quirks and seems as though she's a real teenager. I especially like that her favorite kind of cake is the same as mine! Can't wait to read more of her adventures!

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