Chasing the Prophecy (Beyonders #3)

Jason and Rachel both know that more fighting is soon to come for them in Lyrian, but they're both enjoying the peaceful winter spent in learning more Edomic for Rachel and watching white gibbons fight for Jason. Both know just where they will be going to fulfill their own parts of the prophecy by the Oracle. Rachel will be going with Galloran back to Trensicourt to rally the country for the final fight with Maldor. Jason on the other hand is headed to Windbreak Island to the Celestine Library. His group needs to find out the final location of Darian the Pyromancer, hopefully he holds the key for the final defeat of Maldor. Both groups know that their actual chances of defeating Maldor are slim, but they both know that they must try in order for Lyrians everywhere to be able to live free lives. These journeys will take both groups through danger, fighting, and traitors, but will they also take the groups to a victory over Maldor?

Make sure you read these books in order or you will be really confused!

I'm really sad to have this be the last book in the Beyonders series. I've really enjoyed reading about Jason, Rachel and the rest of their friends from Lyrian. I love the action and adventure in this series. I love the characters. Brandon Mull is a master at making these made up worlds of his seem real enough to jump from the pages of his books. I love that you are able to really get to know the characters through the series, these books have some really fun characters. These books are perfect for anyone loving a great adventure story!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library, but I did have to fight my tweenage daughter for a chance to read it!

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