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Todd Landry thinks that blogging is stupid, he's only even tried because his therapist, Dr Schenk, insisted that if he didn't their therapy sessions were through. When he overcomes the idea of blogging being stupid, Todd realizes that it's actually a really good outlet for his feelings of depression that he's experienced since his wife died. Todd has to learn to navigate the world of being a single parent with the help of his parents, and some miscellaneous friends. But that's not enough, he's also thrust back into the single adult dating and activities scene that he hasn't ventured into in the last 15 years. His mom is extremely supportive, but his dad seems to be trying to force him into getting married, something that Todd doesn't feel that he's ready for, and it's more than obvious that his oldest daughter isn't ready for this radical change either. But when he meets Emily, a single adult who is beautiful and has a listening ear, Todd is willing to try again to see if he can find happiness for himself and his three young children. But will he be able to be a single dad, keep his father happy, keep up with his calling that he hates and navigate the dating scene at the same time?

I really enjoyed this book. I thought that the premise was interesting. The characters were well written and likable. There were certain times during the story that I wanted to hit Todd because he makes some seriously stupid mistakes, a sure sign that he and his story felt real to me. I think this book touched on some things that a lot of people tend to avoid talking about, some of them definitely do need to be talked about. Thanks to Ryan Rapier for a well written, fun and cute story!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About author Ryan Rapier: Ryan Rapier is an Arizona native and through the course of his life has come face to face with a rattlesnake more than once. For that reason alone, he would likely have left the desert behind years ago were it not for one thing—the luxury of year-round golf. When Ryan isn’t on the course or in front of a computer screen, he can usually be found chasing behind his four children or doing errands for his amazing wife in the isolated beautiful valley they have both called home forever. Ryan’s further thoughts and opinions that concern nobody but himself can be found at his website,

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