Betsy and the Great World and Betsy's Wedding

Betsy and the Great World: Betsy has been at college for a couple of years now, but it's just so hard for her to want to continue. It doesn't help that Joe has moved from Minneapolis to Boston and that most of Betsy's friends are nearly done with college. Betsy and her father get together and determine that Betsy will be a better author if she is able to travel and see the "Great World." So a ticket is booked for Betsy on a ship bound for Europe, and the adventure of a lifetime. But will Betsy be able to deal with her homesickness? Will she miss her ex-boyfriend Joe, or will she be able to move on with someone else that she meets on her journeyings? 

Betsy's Wedding Betsy is coming home to America, because of the war in Europe. She's happy because she got a message from Joe asking her to come home. She can't wait to see him and get off the over crowded ship that she was lucky enough to be able to get passage home on. Joe meets her and first thing asks her to marry him, but he wants to get married right away, only a week after she gets home from Europe! Betsy knows there is no way her parents will consent to having a wedding so quickly, especially with Joe moving from Boston back to Minneapolis and no job in sight. She also knows that when Joe is determined to do something, it will be done. But will her wedding work out the way she wants it to? Will she be able to learn to cook and clean and do all the things that a proper wife should be able to do? Join Betsy and Joe on this journey to embark on their married lives together.

These books are so fun! I am sad to be done reading all of Betsy's adventures. I loved traveling with Europe with her. I loved all her adventures and her pining for Joe, even though they were through. I loved Joe's proposal and their quick wedding. I loved their first year together and learning how to keep house together. Betsy's Wedding was a grand way to end the Betsy-Tacy series, but I still wish for more!

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