Women of Fath in the Latter Days: Volume 2

This book is second in a series of seven. It doesn't really matter what order you read them in, because it's not really in a story form. Each of the women featured in this book has a chapter that is written about them, including a picture, information about childhoods and most times there is something the women wrote themselves (usually journal entries or letters). I really enjoyed getting to read about these amazing women. I was amazed at the hardships that a lot of them had to deal with in their lives, but they were still faithful and true to the end. I was way excited to read this book, because one of my great-aunts was talked about in this volume. I loved learning more about Patience Loader, Jane James, Bathsheba Smith and more amazing LDS women, through other's eyes, and in their own words.  I was able to borrow this book from my local library, but have seen it on sale in stores like Deseret Book. 

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