The Society is coming to an end. Cassia, Ky and Xander know that it will be soon, but none of them know just when things will start to happen. Xander notices it first, he's been warned about the plague that's coming to start the Rising, including the symptoms. So when he sees a young boy with those symptoms he knows it's begun. Cassia is living in Central city doing what she does best, sorting. She has been told that the Rising would start when she did a certain sort, so she realizes quickly when it was starting, but at the end of the sort, her superiors make her take a red pill. She's pretty sure that she's not immune, so she's come up with a way to tell just when she's had to take one, and hopefully if she knows that she's taken a red pill, she can remember why she did. Ky is a pilot, he's been in training to help the Rising in any way that he's needed. He's been in little contact with Cassia, but he's hoping to meet her really soon. Unfortunately the Rising begins right as they are supposed to meet and neither knows if the other is okay. Cassia also doesn't know if Xander is okay, or just how to tell him that she's more in love with Ky than with him. But that really won't matter if none of them survive the plague that comes with the Rising.

I wasn't really sure what to think when I started to read this book. I usually try to avoid other's reviews of things that I haven't read yet, because I don't want them to cloud my thinking. With this one though, I had a friend who just kept asking me what I thought and mentioning the reasons she didn't love it. I tried not to let her not loving it not color my review. I thought that the action in this book mostly moves quickly, there are a few parts, at the beginning especially that drag. I really liked getting to see Xander's point of view in this one, so that I could know what he was thinking, especially where Cassia is concerned. I did enjoy the ending. Was it my favorite of the three, nope. Matched will always be my favorite of the three, but I thought this one was really good too!

This is one of the few books that I actually bought myself.

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