Heroes of the Highest Order Series

This is a first for me, I'm going to do a review of an entire series. The Heroes of the Highest Order series is a series of books written by R K Hinrichsen. In this series our heroes Dan and Page have been moved to Utah from their childhood home of Florida by their parents. Dan especially is not happy with the move, he's used to being the fastest boy in his class. But his mom tries to help him to be happy and show him the park that both she and his father used to play at. She seems especially interested in having him try out the swings for some reason. When Dan and Page try out the swings they find themselves magically transported to a hidden kingdom that's full of kids like them learning to be real heroes. Will Dan and Page be able to get back to their parents, or are they going to be stuck in the Hidden Kingdom forever? 

In the second book of the series, Dan and Page have discovered that their parents are also
Heroes of the Highest Order, and their whole family is in danger from Bopar's army. Luckily they've been given sabatons, special shoes that protect their feet and warn them of danger. They are trapped at the playground, but end up able to escape to a different time and place in order to search for the key to open the prison where their grandfather, also a hero is being held by Bopar and his army. But will they be able to find the key when so many others have already failed? 

The third book of the series finds Dan and Page searching for the prison where their grandfather is being held in a small town in Poland. Dan is given a special vest to help him be invisible, and even better, Page is invisible as long as she and Dan are touching. Dan and Page must get into the prison, and get their grandfather out without being caught by a traitor. But another task is added for the two heroes, they also must help get the traitors children away from Bopar's army and back to the Hidden Kingdom. Will they be able to do all this without getting caught?

I really enjoyed this series. These books are written for elementary school kids. Each one has a real hero from history in it, with a biography of that hero at the end. I love that kids are able to learn a little about historical heroes from these books. I like the characters. I really like that kids are taught that they can be led to choose the right and become a hero in their own lives through doing that. What a good lesson for kids to learn!

I was sent an e-copy of these books in exchange for an honest review. 

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