Daddy's Gone a Hunting

Kate's not sure why her dad won't sell the unprofitable family business, or just why he insists that she and her younger sister, Hannah, call him Doug. She wants to find out though, so one night she calls a close friend, Gus, a man who used to work at the family business and asks him to meet her there at 4:30 am. When they go in, something is wrong, there's a bit of an off smell. Kate knows they must get out and fast. But it's too late. They are caught in the explosion. Kate manages to drag Gus's inert form from the building just before she herself collapses into a coma that leaves her fighting for her life. Hannah is distraught. Just why was Kate there at that time of day anyway. Did she cause the explosion, or did Gus? No one knows and there is no way they will no until Kate wakes up, if she wakes up. 

Mary Higgins Clark is definitely the "Queen of Suspense." Everyone of her novels that I've read keep you guessing right till the very last minute. I really enjoyed this book. I liked how even the reader doesn't know why Kate went to the factory that night, or why she took Gus with her. I like how you don't know until the very end just who caused the explosion. I also really liked the side mysteries that were included in the plot. The point of view that you get in this book bounced around a lot, which is really fun because you get to get to know what all of the other characters are thinking and why they did what they did. There were a few mild swear words in this book. 

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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