Smart Move

Sandy has just moved from Seattle to Washington DC for her new job. She loves the job, but the only problem is this lawyer she keeps having to deal with. Sandy works for an outreach center to help young women make their lives better, that center is trying to expand into a new neighborhood, but this move is put on hold by this cocky, rude lawyer. Unfortunately for Sandy, this lawyer happens to be in her singles ward. Also unfortunately, he also happens to be a young man that she's been unable to get out of her head ever since she met him in a Seattle dance club a year ago. Sandy tries to reconcile in her head the prideful lawyer Jake with the awesome young man Jake she met a year before, but it's not working, and her heart isn't budging either. Jake isn't sure why either of their jobs should matter now, when they didn't matter in Seattle and he can't fathom giving up on what he previously felt for Sandy. Sandy doesn't see things the same way and decides that Jake needs to be taught a lesson for never calling her back. But will she be the one doing the teaching or the learning?

I knew as soon as I read the first chapter of this book it was going to be good. It not only was good, it was amazing! I love the way Melanie Jacobson writes, her books are so romantic and they never go anywhere they shouldn't. I love the characters, Sandy's mom is so out there! Jake is such an awesome male character and Sandy, I can picture myself being friends with Sandy. She's such an individual. I was really worried about the ending, Sandy is so stubborn, but was thrilled with the way it worked out. This book is a stand alone book, but to really understand Sandy's backstory, you might want to read Twitterpated first. I can't wait for the next book by Melanie Jacobson, I know it will be romantic and amazing!

I bought a copy of this book for myself, because I knew it would be amazing!

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