Scarlet - Lunar Chronicles #2

Scarlet is a young woman living in France. It's the future, I'm not sure exactly when in the future, because the time seems to be numbered differently. Scarlet is worried, because her grandmother has disappeared. She knows that something bad has happened to her, because her tracking chip was left in the farmhouse where they live. The police are certain she left on her own, mainly because of the tracking chip, but Scarlet knows that kidnappers would cut out the chip happily to avoid being tracked by anyone. Scarlet is trying to go about her regular life of delivering vegetables in her community, but it's hard when the rest of her life is turned upside down. She knows that she must get the police to see her way of thinking, before it's too late for her grandmother. But then she meets Wolf. He's a strong street fighter, supposedly looking for work on her vegetable farm. But Scarlet is sure that he can help her find her grandmother. 

Meanwhile, Cinder is still in prison, with no chance of not being executed by her crazy lunar aunt. But she's had some help and with a little more help she's able to escape prison and New Beijing. But she must find a way to stop her aunt before it's too late for her country and her world. But how is that possible? What connection can these two teenage females possibly have?

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Cinder is a must read! I was expecting to have this whole book be about Cinder and what happens to her, so I was really surprised to have it start out with Scarlet. I did like though, how the plot lines of the two young women dovetailed together. I liked the characters, there was tons of action and betrayal. All in all this book was an awesome sequel to an awesome book!

I was able to borrow this book from my local library.

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