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Percival Taylor is tired of his life that's already been planned for him in the sleepy village of Eventide. He decides to strike out on his own and find his destiny being a pirate. He heads for the seashore town of Blackmore, where there are plenty of pirates, but none of them seem to want to apprentice a young man who knows nothing about sailing or the sea. It's on one of these adventures to try to become a pirate that he meets the beautiful daughter of the governor of Blackmore, Tuppence Magrathia-Paddock, whose whole life feels to her like one of the romantic stories she likes to read. She quickly sets her heart on winning the romantic pirate Percival, and he feels the same. He simply must find a way to be a pirate. Enter our friend, the Dragon's Bard Edvard, who has promised that he will soon have Percival married to the lovely Vestia. But little does he or Percival realize that sometimes you can't force your own destiny (or someone else's) sometime's destiny takes charge and you simply get what you get!

I had a hard time getting into this book at the beginning, but by about 50 pages in the plot of this book gets really interesting and you don't want to stop reading (even to eat or feed your hungry children)! I really did enjoy reading this romantic fairy tale, I like the plot, it was fun and fast moving. I liked the characters, the Dragon's Bard is really funny, and so is Tuppence and her maid. I also really liked how Percy had such grandiose ideas, but they just didn't work out quite as he planned. You won't regret taking the time to read this fun, romantic book!

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I was sent a hard copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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