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A Timeless Romance Anthology: Summer Wedding Collection

This is a collection of six romantic short stories. They are all amazing, I truly think that this is my favorite of the Timeless Romance Anthologies yet! As I was reading this book, I would finish one story and think it was my favorite, until I read the next one! I thought for my review I would tell you a little bit about each one of these novella's and give you my thoughts. 

The first story is Love Bytes by Melanie Jacobsen. I thought that the plot of this book is so clever! Bree Riley is helping her best friend Addison plan her wedding, she's going to be the maid of honor, but Addison is getting a bit crazy about the things she wants for her Hawaiian wedding and the only thing keeping Bree sane is the e-mail conversations she's having with the best man Dallen. She's never met him, because they live across the country from each other, but he's perfectly funny and clever in all of his e-mails. What will he think of her when they actually meet at the wedding? Will either of them be as amazing in real life as they are via e-mail?

Loved this novella, the plot was clever, the e-mails and texts were super cute. I really loved Bree, she's beautiful but insecure/vulnerable because of a previous relationship. I loved the feeling of Hawaii I got from this book, it makes me want to go there and actually see it for myself! 

Next up is Romeo and Julie-Ex by Julie Wright. Juliet Moore thought that things were terrible when her fiance Adam called off their wedding that morning, but little did she know they were actually about to get worse. She's shredding all photographic evidence of her relationship when the doorbell rings. She opens it to find the Fed-Ex man standing on her doorstep holding onto her perfect and very expensive wedding dress. Poor Juliet, she's not even sure what to say to the man, so she babbles something and signs for the dress. When her best friend and roommate, Alison, suggests that the dress must be worn and that she should keep her bridal pictures appointment that Adam paid for, Juliet knows she's found the perfect way for her revenge. She doesn't plan to keep the appointment and find the most handsome, and charming man taking her pictures. Just who was that Adam guy anyway?

This was a really fun one too! Loved the plot, loved Jack, he's the perfect hero for Juliet. 

The third novella is The Meltdown Match by Rachael Anderson. Courtney is an author, she grew up in Alaska, but has bounced around all over, going wherever her newest book is set, but always coming back to Alaska to start a new book. She's a bit superstitious and believes that the only way her book is going to work is to leave her beloved Alaska. She's come home for the summer to start another book, just in time for the Meltdown Match. Every year on June 21, there are hundreds of vases made of ice, containing the names of men and women between the ages of 21 and 29. The vases stand in sun until they melt and the first two to fall are said to be a perfect love match. This is the first year that Courtney will be there for the match and Mitch, one of Courtney's friends wants to make sure that she is in it and that he gets to be her match. But will he be able to overcome her superstitions?

Such a fun, cute story! I have loved all of Rachael Anderson's novels and novellas. Loved the plot, I've never heard of the Meltdown Match, and I'm not sure if it's a real thing, but it really works for the plot!

Then we have Golden Sunrise by Annette Lyon. Natalie is going to be late for her best friend, Sierra's, wedding rehearsal. She planned plenty of time to get there, but of course, her flight was late and the Las Vegas traffic is terrible. She's hoping that she won't have to see her high school sweetheart, Adam, who she hasn't seen since he broke up with her the day after their high school graduation. But when she does see him, and knows that she feels exactly the same way about him, even years later, all she can think about is returning to her home and regular life. But is it even a little bit possible that Adam feels the same about her too?

I really enjoyed this story too! I loved Natalie, such a fun character. The setting of this one's really fun too with all of Vegas' craziness. 

Next up Tide Pools by Heather B Moore. Lexi is a college student, she's studying to be a scientist. She's just getting ready for the next semester when her roommate Sydney calls her from Hawaii, where she's meeting her fiance's family, and tells her the great news that they are moving up their wedding, they will be getting married in three days. Lexi needs to get to Hawaii quickly. When she arrives Sydney mentions that they want to set Lexi up with her fiance's good friend, David. The only problem is that David has a girlfriend, and she's not very nice. Lexi is determined to stay out of this one by spending all of her time studying the tide pools near the home she's staying at. But she can't deny that David is attractive and that they have chemistry. Will she decide to follow her heart?

Loved this story. I loved the way that Lexi goes from being such a planner to having some spontaneity. Lexi was really a fun character to see grow. The plot was fun and the romance sweet.

And last we have A Regular Bloke from Stanmore by Sara M Eden. Abby is helping her sister Caroline plan her wedding. Caroline is going just a little bit crazy about all things British while trying to find a venue for her wedding. She must have old, elegant and antique, a conservatory, and someone must speak with an English accent. She's drug Caroline to so many places in Oregon, but none of them have been just right, until they arrived at Sainsbury house. It's old, elegant, antique and it has a conservatory and the handsome Mr. Matthew Carlton. But to Abby, Matthew is boring, and stuffy. That's the persona that he's paid to put on for his job. But to him, he's just Matt, a "Regular Bloke from Stanmore." Will he be able to get past Abby's defenses and make her fall in love with him anyway?

I loved this story too! I loved Abby, her casual down-to-earthness was really refreshing. I liked Matt too, he's just a normal guy that happens to have an accent and is able to get people to spend money at his workplace. 

All in all, this is a really fun book! You should read it this summer, no matter where you go or what you do, it will be a perfect read for you!


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