Wednesdays in the Tower (Castle Glower #2)

It's a Wednesday in Castle Glower, Celie's not expecting anything to happen, the castle only adds rooms on Tuesdays, you know. But the castle has been acting strangely lately, and Celie is unable to find the schoolroom. Not for lack of looking, mind you, it's just not where it normally is. In it's place, a long spiral staircase. When Celie emerges, it's into a roofless space, and inside it she finds a large orange egg, the egg is hot to the touch. Whatever kind of egg could it be, Celie is uncertain, but sure that someone else will know. But whenever Celie tries to show anyone else the special room, the stairs leading to it disappear and they all end up in the schoolroom. It's obvious the castle wants Celie to keep the egg a secret, but why? Celie, her family, and their beloved Castle Glower are back in this fun sequel to the popular Tuesdays in the Castle. 

I love this series! I really love the idea of a castle that can add rooms whenever needed, or just because. I love the imagination that this series can bring to young readers. I love the characters, Celie and her family, and the castle are very lovable. I love the plot of this book, there were some really funny moments as Celie is working to keep the secret of the egg. I loved the ending and how it really left itself open for another book, which I hope will be coming really soon! 

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