The Epic Tales of a Misfit Hero

Andrew's now a deacon and the biggest problems he's had to worry about so far are "Deacon's Collar" and passing the Sacrament with his fly down. But the annual Deacon's camp-out is coming up. Andrew knows that something bad happened last year, but he's not quite sure what. When the Bishop mentions in Sacrament meeting to be sure to pray for the Deacons on their camp-out, Andrew knows it must have been bad. Things don't even start out good for the boys. One of them trips and face-plants in the parking lot before they've even left, in front of the Beehive class too! And the rain just won't end, even with their prayers to have it do so. This group of Deacons just can't catch a break! But when real tragedy strikes will the boys be able to remember what they've been taught and put those lessons into practice?

This was a really cute story. I liked the humor in it, and the way the boys were portrayed. I really liked the way the boys were calm and collected in their moment of crisis, they were able to do what they had to do, even though they really didn't want to. This book is a really quick read, guaranteed to leave you laughing, even if you are an adult!

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