Prince Frederico Baldrich Layton is just 5 years old when his life is changed forever. He's just run from his nurse in order to find the beautiful rocks that she made him leave behind the day before. He no sooner finds the rocks than a mysterious woman steps from a bush and places a spell on Frederico. Then for some reason he no longer can run or walk the way he's been able to for his whole life. He runs to his nurse for comfort and is completely surprised when she gets a look of fear on her face and goes the other way.  Poor Frederico is banished by his parents and put into the care of a maid named Tilly. Tilly loves her Rumplestiltskin as any other mother would and is devastated when she dies years later. By this time Rumple takes care of the castle and is treated as a servant that no one cares to see. One day things change for him though. It's the anniversary of the "death of Prince Frederico" when all the people of the land are required to come and pay respects. Rumple is watching through a window when a drunken man tells the current king, Rumple's younger brother, that his daughter, Aubrynn can spin straw into gold. The king is greedy and vows that if she truly can he will marry her and none else. Unfortunately Aubrynn can't spin straw into gold and she cries herself to sleep locked in the tower, afraid to tell the king the truth. But Rumplestiltskin can turn straw into gold and he's more than willing to help the beautiful girl. Will he be able to help her without being caught by his greedy brother?

This book was so cute! I loved the romance of the book. A handsome king who's a jerk and a deformed servant man, whose heart is the purest and kindest you can imagine, who would you pick? I loved the twist on this story. I was able to talk with Jenni James about the background of this story and that helps me to love this one even more. I also love that all of Jenni James' books are clean. Don't hesitate to pick this one up, you won't regret it!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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