Rescuing Rosalind

Fanny "Rosalind" Edwards is a young lady having her very first season, she would love to be an actress, but that would be very frowned upon. She finds society all a bore and is going out of her way to try to make herself very outlandish. She's on the verge of losing her reputation.  Enter Captain Buckingham Kernow-Smith, Buck, he's just returned from fighting the French and doesn't have much use for society either. Between the two of them, Rosalind's reputation is very tattered. When Rosalind pushes things too far by trying to become an actress at Covent Garden, her guardians hear of it and whisk her away from town. Buck has never considered himself the marrying kind, so he's not sure what to think when he realizes that he has feelings for Rosalind. He knows that he loves her, that he doesn't want her reputation to be in shreds, but she's been whisked away by her guardians, will he be able to find her before it's too late.

This was a fun story. I liked Rosalind, she's a very interesting character, very unconventional in a very conventional world. I also like Buck, he's a very manly man, sailor of the seven seas, never planning to settle down anywhere. Most of the time, the story line moves right along, but it does seem to drag a bit in the middle. Regency romance is one of my very favorite genres, especially when done right, and G G Vandegriff is one of the best at this genre. You won't regret picking this book up!

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