Lady Outlaw

Jennie Jones has just been trying to hold her small family of her younger brother Will and grandmother together and stay on their ranch at the same time. Unfortunately life is getting in the way. The ranch is not completely paid for and Mr Dixon, the banker that holds the note is insisting that it be paid off, right away, and Jennie has no way of earning the money. She's headed home on the stage, when she realizes that she's riding home with a couple of thieves that robbed the last stage. She figures that there's no way anyone would miss $500 dollars of the money they stole and she can turn the thieves in as soon as she steals from them. Her plan goes off without a hitch and she's able to put a small dent in the bank loan. But it will take a lot more stealing to pay off the loan. 7 months later, Jennie is stealing from thieves yet again, this time she's not getting away from them so easily. Enter Caleb Johnson, he has no idea why these rough men are chasing the beautiful young lady, but he has no intention of letting them catch her. He saves her from them by pretending to be the sheriff. Jennie and Caleb escape, but Caleb having no idea she's a thief, promises to work for her as a cow hand. Little does he know he'll soon fall in love with her. But will he be able to get over his dead fiance in time to capture Jennie's heart as well? Will she repent of her thieving ways?

I enjoyed this book, the plot line was not like any others I've read. I loved the spitfire Jennie, I also really liked how she was able to learn that it's okay to ask for help if you need it. I also liked Caleb, he's a true gentlemen. I liked that the story was clean, the plot fast paced. I hope to be able to read more by Stacy Henrie soon!

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