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Julia has had a long boring summer at home with her father in New York, she wasn't even allowed to talk to her best friend Sierra. But now it's almost time to go back for her second year of school at Lockham Castle and Julia can't wait. She'll have a bit more freedom and hopefully get to spend some extra time with her boyfriend Terrence. But things are about to get a lot more crazy for Julia. First there's the exploding package that locks down her home even more than before and then Julia sees a Siren the very first time her dad lets her go to town for a date with Terrence. Things are not looking good. Julia's father decides that they must go to Lockham Castle now, even before they were planning on going. But even within it's safe confines strange things are happening to Julia. She's not changing into her werecat as fast as she was last year, and her appearance is starting to change. These are things that Julia must keep secret, and when things get too difficult Julia knows that she must run away to Sirenity, but what will this mean for her father and the others that she loves? 

I really enjoyed this book! There is plenty of action, adventure and romance to keep almost anyone happy. I love the characters, Julia especially, that's probably because you see everything from her point of view. I love the setting, I can almost "see" Lockham Castle. I can't wait to read more of Julia's adventures! You definitely want to read The Shapeshifter's Secret first, or this book will be really confusing. 

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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