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One seemingly normal day, 12 year old Sara is searching through her grandma's attic when she comes across a beautiful ring. Thinking it would be fun to try it on, Sara tries and it immediately becomes stuck on her finger. No amount of prying will break it free. What Sara doesn't know is that the Emerald Ring is a magical ring, and since she tried it on, it's chosen her. As soon as it becomes stuck on her finger, Sara begins having strange dreams that seem to be set in the desert of Egypt. Wondering what on earth is going on, Sara starts some research about Cleopatra and soon discovers that the beautiful emerald was one of several in Cleopatra's necklace that she had worn near the end of her life, but that all the stones had disappeared around the time that she died and no one knows where any of the stones are now. Sara and her family are in danger and they don't even know it. There has been a series of burglaries in their small Ohio town, even one at Sara's best friends house. Could these burglaries be connected to Sara's discovery of the emerald ring?

This book is written for elementary readers. The plot is well done, although a bit rushed. I liked the characters, especially Sara and her friends. There is action and adventure in this book that will appeal to the elementary crowd. I liked that Sara and her friends are able to thwart the bad guy and come out on top through teamwork and ingenuity. This is a perfect book for both elementary boys and girls. 

About the author: Dorine White graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in
Humanities and Art History. She began writing at a young age, proudly producing picture books for her parents. Now, her writing has turned into a passion for children's books. Currently, she lives in the beautiful, yet rainy Northwest, with her husband and six children. 

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