Maggie wishes that her life could be normal every day. But her normal is taking care of herself and her alcoholic mother who doesn't seem to care for her even a little bit. Maggie is a smart girl, but she's a bit looked down upon by her peers, because she doesn't have great clothes, or a car, or even food most days. How can she have those things, every penny of money that comes into their household from the government goes to Vodka for her mother. Maggie even wishes she could get a job, the income would be nice, but she knows she can't leave her mom more than she already does for school. But things are about to change for Maggie. Seth, the hottest boy in school is paying a lot of attention to her, but she can't figure out why he would like her even a little bit. Maggie has always been unlovable to her mom, so she must be unlovable to others too. What Maggie doesn't know is that Seth is a MET agent posing as a high school student to try to curb the Heroin addictions that have escalated in Port Fare, New York. He's concerned that Maggie's mother may have something to do with it and his partner Booker is sure that Maggie is involved also, just because of her very gaunt appearance. He doesn't realize that her appearance is caused by lack of food and not drugs. Will Maggie be able to open herself up enough for Seth to get into her life and her heart? Will she even survive that long?

When I started reading this book I was made super sad by the way that Maggie's mother treated her. She is not a nice person and a really terrible mother. I did kind of understand why she is the way she is later in the book, but it still makes me sad. I really liked Maggie though, how can you not like the girl who is slowly starving to death but still keeps going like nothing is wrong. It was really sad also how she really had no one that she could talk to or that was willing to help her in this situation. I really loved Seth. I loved how he was able to see beyond Maggie's exterior to the real girl underneath and love her for that and also be able to change her exterior to match her interior. This book was really great! I loved the plot, there were plenty of tense moments, and I loved that it was a clean, romantic book!

Don't forget to come back on Friday when I will review the sequel to this book, "Unbelievable."

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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