Heaven to Betsy and Betsy in Spite of Herself

From back of book: Heaven to Betsy; Betsy Ray is loving every minute of freshman year at Deep Valley High with new and old friends all around her . . . not to mention boys! But most intriguing of all is the one she and her best friend, Tacy, dub "the Tall Dark Stranger." 
Betsy in Spite of Herself; Betsy is at the center of every activity as a Deep Valley High sophomore and suddenly, thanks to her old friend Tib, she's offered a golden opportunity for glorious transformation. But will she impress the special boy by becoming dramatic, mysterious Betsye or would she be better off just being Betsy in spite of herself?

My Review: Betsy Ray is just starting her high school experience, in the early 1900's. There's never a dull moment for her, what with moving into a brand new house, boys, religion, choir, boys, high school. But never having a dull moment is making Betsy's writing suffer. In these two books Betsy learns how to be herself, in spite of what others or even she herself thinks. I love the way that Betsy learns what is important. I love her family, friends, Tacy, and I love that she learns just how to be herself, no matter what any of the girls in the school think, no matter what any of the boys in the school think. I wish I had read these books as a young girl, but I never heard of them until the last few years. I'm grateful that our 12 year-old girl is enjoying reading about and learning along with Betsy. I think it's really neat how these books are set in the early 1900's, but Betsy's problems are still relevant today.

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